VCV Rack 2 Studio Edition

Coming November 2021


I was looking into either getting this or the Softube version, which is on sale now. Does anyone have any experience of both?

I’m brand new to modular, so it’s hard for me to download and evaluate the differences.

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Download the existing VCV Rack and use it standalone before spending one cent on any hardware OR software modular systems.

VCV Rack will be your gateway - to heaven or hell, that’s for you to decide. :slight_smile:

Omri Cohen has fantastic videos that use VCV that should help you get started.


Having bought into the Softube ecosystem, I want to say it’s good but it just absolutely crushes my system. I picked up a bunch of stuff on sale about a year and a half ago and it was nearly unusable then. Unless they’ve done something to change that in the last year and a half, I would, sadly, not recommend the Softube modular stuff.

I use miRack on the iPad which is a fork or port of VCV Rack. It is loads of fun to use.


How is the experience with miRack? Does it works well on iPhone too?

I used VCV for a while but actually i found it a bit boring in my computer (i’m not a big fan of using my computer to make music cause i work online all day). Having it portable and with less distractions might be better for me.

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I’ve not used it on my iPhone but I imagine it would be fiddly to work with.

I used a Logi Crayon (until I lost it) on my iPad Pro with miRack and it’s brilliant! It would be a little tricky without a stylus trying to work with the controls but it’s not at all unusable. The stylus is a great investment in general for people making music on the iPad. I do enjoy curling up with my iPad and making noisy, melodic, droning stuff in the rack. Record long passes in AUM and export to an OT ‘Plays Free’ track. Endless atmosphere machine.


Not sure about Softube but VCV also attracts a lot of independent developers and ports of fairly obscure modules.



I’ll think in adding an iPad to my gas list hahaha i’ve been reading a lot of good stuffs about making music on it.

This. Softube might have official ports but they don’t seem to have user or developer buy-in.

If my initial experience with Softube Modular was the same for most users, I can’t see it lasting for much longer.

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You need only ever go into the Drambo (iOS) thread to fuel that GAS. It is incredibly powerful and well looked after. @echo_opera does lovely, lovely things with Drambo. <3


I’ve tried both.
Softube sounds awesome, but requires a lot of cpu, and UI (I mean browser and rack) is terrible.
VCV is nice, cheaper, has much more modules, but I don’t use it as it doesn’t have a VST version. So the upcoming release looks very interesting.

Also, I really love Softube’s Doepher and Buchla replicas.

It would be nice to have a some virtual modules standard like VST with more modular-like connections rather than basic plugins chaining.


Thanks for all your replies. It seems VCV is the preferred favourite. My machine is also starting to get old, so if the Softube version is CPU hungry, I doubt my computer would handle it. I think I’ll download and try to learn VCV rack instead. Cheers.

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Edit: Found out myself. 99$ at release, later 149$. Community Edition still for free.



If your computer doesn’t have GPU, VCV is also pretty much unusable…


Ah good it didnt switch to a subscription model :stuck_out_tongue:


both not really usable on my macbook pro 15inch 2015.
Vcv causes my fans to go crazy. I didn’t use it for 2 years now, maybe it got better. But I think it was a known issue on macs. Something with the graphics.

Softube eats cpu like crazy. The u-he stuff and reaktor blogs is nothing in comparison


on my macbook pro mid 2019 (the mid level model), both VCV and Softube Modular brought the CPU to its knees. I had better chance with MiRack on my iPhone (set aside the small screen) which… made me curious about the next M1 model because it seems to be very promising (especially if the fan stays out of the way when recording!)

VCV is free so worth a check anyway!

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yes mirack runs like a charm on my ipad


Been waiting for this. Good to see them put a date on release. I had a lot of issues with VCV with my older 2010 MacBook but it’s been fine with my 2017 iMac. Probably some kind of GPU thing.

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Wait, they haven’t been bought yet…therefore enjoy as long as its lasts.

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