Using M:S as a midi controller

If I want to see if I can use M:S strictly as a MIDI controller in Max 8, what settings do I need to set in the menu in order to get this to work?

Usually I enable MIDI mapping in Max and twist a knob on my USB MIDI controller to map my controller knobs to Max objects.

Under the Max MIDI setup menu, it’s currently showing Elektron Model:Samples so at least it’s recognizing it. I’m a MIDI dummy so pretty clueless on what I should do, usually I rely on plug-and-play and hope it works. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some settings I have in the M:S menu, maybe it might help.

Config Menu > MIDI > Sync > Clk In > OFF
Config Menu > MIDI > In Chan > 1 T1 In
Config Menu > MIDI > Out Chan > 1 T1 Out
Config Menu > MIDI > Ports > M+U
Config Menu > MIDI > Filter > On Rcv Note

Config Menu > Device > USB Mode > MIDI

check out manual page 40
MIDI Filter: ENCS set to I+E


Thank you, works great now!

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Dear all,

I tried to use M:S as a midi controller for Caustic3 on an Android device and this fails though working with an Akai lpk25. I tried the configurations of M:S described above and even tried to connect to a GarageBand I have with no success.

In both cases (GarageBand/Caustic3), the M:S is detected but using pads/trigs/knobs have no effect. Did I miss something? Any clue?

Thanks in advance!