How are people liking the Model: Samples?


lol, don’t take it personal, it’s all in good fun.
Btw I think I just now coined Tombient.


Tombient… love it! Until it scares me.

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The biggest advantage of not needing Overbridge and having this be class compliant is that I can use my linux laptop with Bitwig. Both using the Samples as a MIDI controller and pushing out audio. What a nice surprise. For this new 299 pricepoint (hoping it sticks) this is an excellent MIDI sequencer and sample groovebox…


Agreed. £250 sheets here in the UK is a top price. No brainier at that money

I haven’t even plugged mine into the computer yet. I got it a couple of months ago off a fellow ‘naut and it had some sample packs already installed so I’ve been doing ‘found’ M:S music in terms of samples used so far.


Just looking on the Bay for current used prices and I notices a couple of USA listings for $228 brand new. Prefect Circuit was one. Have they had a further reduction stateside?

Edit that was the gbp price :see_no_evil::grinning:

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I love that it maps so well to a drum rack in Ableton, so that I can use it as a MIDI controller/sequencer

Can you expand on this? Sounds like something I’d love to setup and try :muscle:t2:

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Karenn banging it out on a Model:Samples (and Digitone!). If it’s good enough for them… Check out their new album Grapefruit Regret if you like crazy good bonkers techno.


If NAMM doesnt bring something grooveboxy to the table, I’m def buying one of these.

Can you please elaborate upon this workflow?

Do you record a single audio file of 120 individual hits in your DAW, and then import this sample into MS, and using the Sample Start knob, scroll through the various hits of a single ‘sample’ on a pad, which in fact holds 120 samples?

(A tiny bit like the 128 racks hack for Ableton drum racks)

How do you ensure the hits in the original file are all equally spaced and divided by 120?

(I hope that makes sense)

A little late to the game on this one but the 26 plockable samples per pattern just blew my mind.

So on a single track if you prepare a bunch of samples in your DAW or record from other hardware and then transfer you could get away with a lot on just this box.

On top of the 120 trick with sample start…

Wow this is a bargain :joy:

Bought it for the pads (still not a huge fan of them…), keeping it for everything else heh

I’m checking out spacing the samples equally on beats in Ableton, consolidating them all into a single audio file and then importing into Model:Samples.

I tried this last night but because the samples were so random and varied it was difficult to tell if sample start was definitely hitting at the start of each sound. I’m going to try again with a single BD sound repeated to be sure.

EDIT: just read earlier post - it’s definitely 120 samples

I’m going to direct you to other threads on this so that we don’t take this one off subject:

#1 , yes you can do it in a DAW, I have in the past. I talk about it here
Note that the link goes to an Octatrack topic, and OT uses 128 slices instead of the 120 that MS/DT/AR use.

#2 yea, you have the general ideal. If 120 “hits” in a chain, set length to 1 and then scroll the start parameter. If 60 “hits” in a chain, set length to 2, and then each hit will start on every other integer of the start parameter. If 30 “hits” in a chain, set length to 4, and then each hit will start on every 4th integer of the start parameter.

#3 as far as ensuring equal spacing, see the link in #1, or you can also use Octachainer if you don’t wish to use a DAW. Just be sure to use the 120/Rytm slice settings.


Ive had my MS for a few days. I had been looking for something to replace a TR8S that had to be sold this past summer. I really just needed a sketch pad as Ive found my sweet spot getting my main loops down then finishing in my DAW. Ive also been using a Circuit Mono Station. For this purpose Im loving the MS, really quick and feature heavy for getting drum loops created.

I also think I will enjoy the challenge of using the two together to do a live jam here and there.

The MS feels like the Electribe Korg couldnt quite deliver.


I bought mine with the intention of using it as a second/third drum machine but now it’s my musical note pad too. Comes out with me in my bag and I can just jam ideas to work on later on the bigger boxes or in the DAW.


Yeah I feel this way too. I actually still have an ES-1 and it feels very similar in terms of how instant it is. Actually I should try using them together :metal:

People complain about things like lack of polyphony, only 6 voices etc, but it’s those things that make it very fast and inspiring to use imo.


Yes. It is very much like the ES-1 (owned two of them over the years myself). And the ESX was the second piece of hardware I ever owned :slight_smile: I like the MS very much bc of its Electribe feel.


I am amazed at how quickly I manage to put together tracks on the M:S + DN combo once I find some inspiration. Such a lethal combo! Again I find it easiest to leave the drums to the M:S and let the DN do the rest, although I sometimes will use a pad sample on one of the M:S tracks.


@olelovold - These tracks are great! Just M:S and DN? I’d love to hear more or see some behind the scenes of how you put these together. Did you record to DAW for post-processing? I’m just geting familiar with the M:S, but I should start pairing it with the Digitone for some jams. The recording quality is great too. Nice work!

Nice tunes. The M:S and DN seem a great combo. I’d like a poly synth groovebox to pair with my M:S Mono Station combo. The DN sounds pretty bright in both your tracks, can you get some grungier sounds out of it? I see it has some overdrive options onboard.

Between the wavefolder, overdrive, and filter, it can get darker.

I made this with 100% Digitone:

And to keep things on topic… Great thing about adding Model Samples is you can use it to play back drum sounds you synthesize with DN, and get 10 voices instead of 4.