Update Analog Rytm MK2

Why no Update for us?

Syntakt is a nice one and all these features for digitakt, nice stuff but we also need something!
Do not forget to push the interface and minor features like more LFO´s or routing stuff… etc.



The innards may have been designed on the syntakt to allow further updates like this. The AR/A4 may have been designed differently, with a more certain product scope.


They were busy working on the Syntakt.


This is why i bought it.
i just want to see that we get some extras like sy / digitakt…
no matter what!
new EQ´s, Routing options, better sample UI… you know what i mean?

i think the community has a lot of points to look at

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i hope they testing things for us on syntakt

my ar sometimes force a crash, when overbridge engine isn´t used in sleepmode, with bitwig.
i need to complete restart the Mac to restart my setup.
1,6k € is a lot for this machine and i trust elektron 100 %

lets see what the future will bring

maybe elektron just wants to sell some more of the toy boxes (they are even making it cheaper at the moment) before the monster update comes out for the analog ones (which have been increasing in price on the elektron page lately).

I’m so looking forward to the new updates for the analog ones, it can only be cool.

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They’ve been out for a long time, had some big updates in the past as well. They still have a lot of excellent features otherwise people wouldn’t be going on about them. If what you’re looking for is updates, you’re better off getting yourself a Syntakt. The Syntakt was designed to be updated from the get go, there’s significant room to build upon it’s foundations. The Analog series is older tech now and most likely won’t get a big update.

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This is my impression too. They’ve lowered the price of the ST and this will give people more reason to GAS. With that, they need a reason for people to GAS for the flagships. At the price they’re at now and STs update, they are giving people less and less reason to.

Either way, Elektron has never disappointed with updates. I have faith.

But to play it safe, send a request: feature-request@elektron.se


the mk2 are not that old. In addition, there are still many free fields in the boxes. and basically they are perfect, they are simply top class. an update would only make it better.

how much i missed the four once i sold it and only then realized how unique these boxes are. and the analog sound of synthesizers just still can’t be beat with this digital stuff, it just is. even moog brings ancient devices back to life and it will always stay that way. a guitar is also never replaced. and i personally would never swap the four or the rytm for a sytnakt. they are timeless machines. a masterpiece, because they also push creativity with a warm sound and present a sound experience once you know how to set it up.

I think there are a lot of people out there who just do it for fun and don’t really take it seriously. the small boxes can be sold perfectly to this target group. this is not to say that these are bad. but just not really comparable to decent analog sound.


I love my Rytm MK2 - i got syntakt when released and returned it - it js a nice device but i felt it did not have its own identity

I would like an Analog Four i think it is a great synth


Syntakt is half price of Rytm at the moment,
I would be upset if i hadn’t bought a rytm second hand for that same amount.

Basically syntakt has 2 LFOs instead of 1, this is a huge deal for me. I use rytm LFO for exponential Env Decay almost all the time, since amp decay is linear (why???). So most of the time I feel like I don’t have a single real lfo anyway.

I’m still happy with rytm because of multiple outputs, ability to load samples and lovely master distortion. But then the pads are terrible and I never use macros or scenes.


To take the approach that cheaper gear implies a tool or the individual using it “can’t take it seriously” is ridiculous.


With the analog syntakt and its updates, superiority of the digitakt ui and digitone chromatic sequencing, the flagship rytm MK2 isn’t offering great value.

Ive got the black version, and used to own a digitakt, which was so superior for handling samples and with extra lfos far more creative.

The tr 8s in the 2.5 update now has probabilities and very good fm synthesis as well as the Roland acb algorithms. It’s less than half the price.

I love elektron gear but I think the next update will need to be a banger or I’m likely to just sell the rytm mk 2 as the weakness in the digital features and lfos to complement the analog sound engines means it is quite overpriced. One would hope and expect to get both software features sets from the 'takts at least in the one box. It costs more than twice as much after all.


Offering an alternative view…

The Rytm is still as completely badass as it was before the Syntakt updates came out. It has scenes and perfs, it has chokes, it has the extra pattern change modes, it has kits, it has a sampler, it has a compressor, individual outs, CV control, drum pads. It has Song Mode with its own button rather than it getting in the way of the Sound menu. They sound quite different too: the Syntakt is great at shiny 80s hypercolour; the Rytm is darker and noisier.

People pay multiples the price of a Rytm for older, less well featured instruments in worse condition. None of the Syntakt updates would fundamentally change any workflows on the Rytm.

Of course, I’d love some updates and QoL improvements, but I thought the Rytm was the best instrument in my collection before and I still do. I have both the Syntakt and the Rytm. I’m very excited about the Syntakt and find it much faster to sketch on… but the Rytm is still my “sell it last” studio item.


And I could not agree more in my case I returned the syntakt and i am soon gettin an A4Mk2 to pair it with my Rytm MK2

You can tackle the question in many ways, but for a lot of people a big thing is price. If I was thinking about getting a new ARmk2, or for the same price getting a new Syntakt + Digitakt, it would be an easy choice going with the latter.

There will always be pet peeves with things, but I feel like with the AR it’s more than that. Every other Elektron device sits reasonably where it’s at imo. I’m a Mk1 owner who purchased 2nd hand (poor student life) I feel like I got a lot of value for 500€.

But to justify the price tag for a new Mk2 I do feel they have do update it in some big ways, which I do believe they will. I can understand the people who feel a bit left behind, people who saved up to purchase a new Mk2 1-2 years ago and haven’t received updates since. Seeing as there’s so many things to improve upon.

A lot of people can’t simply purchase a Syntakt or Digitakt to accompany their Rytm, rather they’d have to sell it to buy the Syn/Digitakt. But if you do love your instrument, it’ll be something you 2nd guess.


That’s a very good comparison. With the two boxes you’d get more tracks, more variety of drum synths and lots of 2nd filter options. You’d still have fewer performance tools: no kits, no pads, no scenes, fewer macros, fewer pattern change options, and you’d have to make a decision between distortion and compressor at the end of chain. Individual outputs are also extremely useful to some people.

I think these idea that the AR mkii is “left behind” and needs “big updates” are overblown and built on a shaky foundation that drives anxiety. The AR would certainly benefit from some updates, but it’s still the same powerful, expressive and enjoyable instrument it always has been. Nothing has changed about it. It was f***king good last month and it’s still that good now.

The foundation I refer to is that “instruments need to be updated constantly”. They don’t. Expecting an update is surely going to lead to disappointment and anxiety when that imagined update doesn’t come. Updates can be a pain as much as they can be a benefit. In my case, I’m really glad my Syntakt has a couple of new machines, but I actually resent the presence of Song Mode and especially the way it’s accessed. The Sound menu was messy and confusing before, and now it’s behind a modifier so that Song Mode could be “just one button away”. The Sound menu has got one button harder to use rather than easier.

You’re entitled to you opinion, of course! At heart, I’m not even trying to convince you or other “left behinds” that I’m right. What I am trying to do is increase the range of opinion expressed on the forum so that other users and @Elektron see that not everyone in the user-base feels the same way.



You’re also right :+1: I don’t really feel very strongly about this. It’s neither unethical or bad practice. That’s what’s really important.

But there’s definitely two sides to it, and I can understand people on both sides. I’d never want to make someone unhappy with their Ar, if you like it that’s great. I like it how it is too, but I have to think how amazing it could be, and the potential it has.
It’s not really about bashing Elektron or anyone else. For me at least, it’s just seeing untapped potential, and just the love for (subjectively) great instruments! It’s all love!