UDO Audio Super 6 Binaural Synth

Super excited for this now that there’s more to hear/see. I particularly like from 15m40s in that video, fat warbly atmo bass sounds.

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Has anyone heard anything from these guys, I feel like after superbooth that was it. Their site is kinda crap. I hope this synth ends up seeing the light of day.

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They made it clear that Superbooth was basically too early for them. I am glad they decided nevertheless to show the state they are at.

I therefore assume they just need more time, which is perfectly plausible from their story.

Edit: Coming home there was an Email from them with a product presentation. So, they were busy. I am interested to follow the news and the path they are taking. For me the key statement that got me curious was that he said that the raw sounds should sound, from scratch, already good, so that the entire focus is on tweaking that raw sound. For subtractive and FM synthesis there are well established workflows to eventually get what you want and I found interesting the idea to somehow reconsider those workflows in that not the end is what counts but the process itself is ‘advanced’. With the Digitone, @Ess mentioned an effort to improve upon the conventional workflow. I like the idea of these experts taking those established things forward. Let’s see!

“We wanted to make something that was more immediate and more fun. You’ll notice the distinct lack of screen on the Super 6, which was a deliberate exclusion. That deliberate constraint made us think really carefully about getting depth with simplicity. Those concepts shouldn’t be at odds with each other.”

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There is an article dated two days ago at MusicTech, an interview with George Hearn. Not a tremendous lot new here, i can’t tell how recent the actual interview is, but there’s new stuff here. Four people currently working on this at U·D·O, in addition to Axel Hartmann who’s work is likely trailing off. There’ s some photos from around their office/lab so that is for real – it’s not a garage or someone’s living room.

That they do not plan a software version of this is significant, but George says:

"I think the Super 6’s lineage will continue, into possibly a range, a ‘super family’ with an emphasis on playability and fun. We’ll stay in the hardware world for the time being, but there may be software accompaniments to those products, to make a support ecosystem.

With the Super 6, we want to work on the integration side of it, to make editors and librarians for the computer. There may be some applications that allow you to explore different tunings and get into the deeper programming. It’s got an architecture that’s truly multi-timbral inside and every single parameter can be modulated by every single source all simultaneously and all by different amounts, which opens up quite a lot of scope. So we want to follow up with some kind of computer-based approach that allows this level of control."

The fact that they again say a fall release is hopeful!

What do others think of a “Super-Family”? What sort of things do you think that could include?

U·D·O Super 6

ADDED: Just notice the three little letters M·P·E in this photo:

So i assume this means controlled by MPE – rather than as an MPE controller. I see cube48 noted MPE earlier up in this thread.


I like the idea of a super family. The price point of the Super Six, which I believe they were shooting for around $2,200(but don’t quote me on that), puts it above some peoples budget. So an obvious addition would be something like a Super Four. Trim down the keyboard a little, and streamline some of the features to make it more budget friendly. On the other end, a mega monster Super 12, that has a 6 octave keyboard, and includes one or two features I haven’t even dreamed up yet.

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The article says £2,300 (pounds not dollars) which given the exchange is considerably above that. Still below the Modal 008 though. BTW the 008 also has a rack mount edition.

So yes a lower cost version seems reasonable.

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Right on, thanks for the correction on the price.

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Maybe they will also do a Super One. Give it a groovy sequencer and whatnot.

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I LOVED the Super 6 sounds I heard from Superbooth. But the price tag is too much for me. For now, imma try to replicate the sound with my Peak, treating the L R signals differently :thinking: