Triggering slices with midi notes?

BTW, Appendix C says Playback Param # 2 is Velocity in my manual. Using Octatrack MKII, not sure if there is a difference there.

MKI os is the same.

Midi tracks settings are not related to audio tracks. Notes to trigger tracks are in Appendix C.
T1 is C(36).

There are 2 CC list. You want to control Slices, so check audio track CC list.

You need to read the thread too. CC48 is crossfader’s CC48. It doesn’t work properly without it. You need CC17 only if you want to record slices values.
So you can automatically send CCs before each note with CIRKLON ?
You want to sequence slices with Cirklon only?
Record them in Ot ? Sample the result?

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Hi, Thanks.

I am not recording anything on OT. Simply using the OT to store slices and triggering them via MIDI on a Cirklon track/pattern. When I do as the 2nd poster said, I am able to properly trigger the slices on the OT (changing the CC17 value with a Cirklon Event at some point in between triggering MIDI Note C3 each time) and this sounds perfectly fine.

However, this only works for my slices on the sample in T1 on the OT. I also have separate samples with their own slices in T2,T3,T5,T6,T7,T8. Respectively, I have assigned MIDI Notes D3, E3, C4, D4, E4, F4. So when set CC17 to 0 again for SL1 in T5 and then trigger C4, nothing comes out.

Not sure what I am missing here.

I read some posters using CC48 for the fader, but I don’t think that applies in my case, unless I’m mistaken.

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So you send Cc17 before, plocking in Cirkon ?

I all ready told you midi tracks notes are not related to audio tracks triggering notes. Can’t set them there.

Check Appendix C, to trig samples notes, audio track notes are C3(36), C#3, D3, etc…

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Yes, I have the Cirklon pattern set to automatically change CC17 values before/between triggers.

I’m assuming you mean the “track trigs and sample trigs” table in Appendix C. If so, I will give that a try. Essentially, each track is triggered from a different note in the third octave?

Great feature ! Could you tell more about that?
It is another interesting workaround. :wink:

Cirklon has a ck events list, which allows you to coordinate events at any point in the pattern you’re building. You can set up events for CC values, pitch or almost anything, independent of MIDI notes. You can even time them the same as notes, but give a higher priority to the event in order to tell the Cirklon to send the event instruction first. I sometimes use it to manually create my own envelopes on CC values with synths.

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Impressive. Are there midi functions you can do with OT you can’t do with Cirklon ? :sketchy:
You have kind of conditions too ?

Maybe it doesn’t change much for you but :

Precisions :
CC17_0-1 > Slice 1
CC17_2-3 > Slice 2
CC17_1 is faster for slice 1
CC17_3 is faster for slice 2


I’m still new to the OT, so I can tell you when I’ve spent some more time with it.

So for me, Sample Trigs are not working but Track Trigs are. Additionally, it seems I need to change the active track when I am playing slices from it, otherwise incorrect slices get triggered from subsequent tracks. So rather than manually tapping on T1,T2,T3,etc throughout, what CC can I use to automate this?

Perhaps I am doing something fundamentally wrong here altogether?

CCs are the same for all tracks.
You can use C6 note, and use 1-8 midi channels in order to be independant from autochannel and Sample Trigs notes.

Appendix C again : :slight_smile:
Active track up G# (68)
Active track down A (69)

Tried Active track up/down already and that just played a different pitch from the chromatic scale.

I tested G# in almost every octave. It either does nothing or triggers chromatically

Weird. @LyingDalai told me that @PeterHanes told him there was a way to deactivate sequencer midi control, like start / stop function. I don’t know how, except filtering notes.

Don’t you filter notes ?

Anyway, using C5-C7 note range let you use allways the same note, with pitch if needeed, for all tracks, changing midi channel as needed.

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Not planning on changing MIDI channel, since that would require me to set up a new instrument for each channel and create new patterns for each instrument/channel on the Cirklon. Way too much involved there.

Is there a particular mode I should be in while on the OT for this to work properly? Wonder why the track trigs work for me but not the sample trigs

Audio tracks mode, not midi mode.
I’d try with a new project.
From what I remember, I could control all 8 tracks changing Sample Trig note, C36, C#36, etc, on autochannel.

Maybe you can detail in a few steps what you’d like to achieve, I’ll try to set it on my Ot.

So I am in Audio mode. Using either Tracks or Slices Trig Mode.

I’ve got one sample loaded on each of the following: T1,T2,T3 as well as T5,T6,T7. All flex, all sliced in anywhere from 2-4 slices. MIDI channel 4. I did no configuration on the OT beyond this.

Example secquence: Cirklon is triggering SL1-SL4 in T1 sequentially, then moves on to SL1-SL2 in T5, then moves on to SL1-SL4 in T2, then moves on to SL1 in T6, and so on…

Any MIDI or Control Project Settings I should have?

Hi @sezare56 !

I recently purchased an Octatrack MKII and an Event Processor Plus after reading your write up here. Thank you very much for that! I am curious to know: could you PM me your EVP configuration file, please and thank you very very much? I have tried setting this up, but I am not sure I am doing so correctly. I am a new forum member so I can’t seem to PM you directly myself.

In exchange, once I get this setup and working, I will write up a tutorial on how to accomplish this functionality with the Event Processor Plus and share it with the community, hopefully helping other members to self service themselves with this desired functionality. I am new to Elektron, but this would be a great first way to contribute and join the community.

I thank you in advance!



Here is a script with comments.
_SlicesChromaticBASIC.rtf (2.3 KB)

Set Scene A=Slice 1
Set Scene B=Slice 64

Happy new slices.


Many, many thanks! I will get to work and I will be back soon with something for the community, hopefully helping community members to self service themselves. Again, I thank you!

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I just wanted to say: THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your Midi Solutions Event Processor Plus script works like a charm! I simply loaded it up and bam - it worked! I will be back soon with details to share for everyone. :slight_smile: @sezare56 - thank you!


I have more complex scripts for slice control, letting you play slices chromatically, shorter length for higher octaves in loop mode…