Trigger the Roland SH 101


i have a Problem with the Trigger from the Roland SH 101. With a Roland TR 909 i could trigger the SH with the RIM Shot Out Channel.
Can i use the same Function with a Output from the Octatrack??

Thank you

Hi what’s the problem? The 101 click input can be triggered by just about anything. You can use the cue out to provide a connection.

i can sync the sh 101 with a external clock signal with every step from a drum computer.
i can recorda sequence in the internal sequencer of the sh101.

this sequence - i can trigger with single steps in a drum modul, like a 909.
the trigger signal is a rim shot, but when i try this with a same sound, it do not work…

Download #3 tr606 trigger pulse
Put it in your octatrack
Studio mode in the ot will give you separate cue & level faders
Load it to a track
Push up the vol amp and track level until the sh101 triggers reliably.



ok, now there is a bother thing, i can download it from this link, but the octatrack do not show the Sample in the CF Card ?!!!

Anyone a Idea??

OK, it works PERFEKT!!


Yes it does. Nice

I was trying to trig the SH 101 from the AR, assigned the LT / SD …went to connect the LT = RED = right, to the EXT CLK IN on the sh101… but no luck… no matter how much I cranked the LT machine on the AR… didnt clock the LFO …

Hello people! Please help me with this.
I wanna buy a cv/gate converter…

But for now I just wanna trig gate (I suppose) via Octatrack + EXT CLK on SH-101.

I’m already have it but I can’t trig it properly!
It was properly setted once. It worked. And now… I missed the point of how my OT+EXT CLK of SH101 worked properly :confused:

If you send the SH101 a clock signal it will not control the gate. It just gives the internal sequencer something to sync to.

As someone else said just get a sample of a Roland clock pulse and send that through one of the cue outs.

p.s. cv/midi converters are really expensive. I have my SH101 connected to my Minibrute which is great because the Minibrute echoes any Midi it receives to its CV pitch and gate.

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Strange things happening on my SH101 (or not really, I dunno)

The problem is that I’m not hear any sound from cue output on Octatrack outs. What to do? What do you think?

When you remove the Octatrack from the equation does it make sound?

Also maybe check your direct input volumes on the OT are not at 0.

Well I did what you said and what needed. Cue level in a mixer etc.
Nope It’s just stuck on 1 note. When I’m release ext clk out. It become to start playing normally (like arpeggios, sequencer)

That means that your clock signal pulse is not strong enough. Did you use a clock pulse sample and boost the volume right up?

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YES! It now works!! Thanks, Chris! :slight_smile:

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Have fun :ecstatic:

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The trigger output of a 909 outputs an analogue trigger signal. Like a fast loud pulse. If you listen to this output you’ll realise it’s not a Rim Shot at all. The reason it’s labelled Rim Shot is because it occupies the same sequencer track as the Rim Shot sound. You can sample that sound and use it to trigger lots of other stuff. So long as you send it out nice and loud.



I have an Octatrack mk1 and a Roland sh101 with a external clock in.
Is it possible to send clock via the cue out ( not by midi ) of the Octatrack to the synth to control the pulse of the arpeggiator on the analog synth.

Thankyou in advance for any help :slight_smile:



I think it’s possible. You should watch this video :

I believe a simple square wave could do. The cue output voltage seems to be high enough.