Tricks for structuring tracks without “kits”?


Personally I think it’s a shame the Digitone (and the Digitakt, although it bothers me less on there) don’t have the option of using “kits” or whatever you want to call it from the older boxes, where the sound is independent of the pattern. For me this makes it much easier to structure a track across a few patterns to play live, without having hassle if I want to tweak one of the sounds (on the DN I’d have to recopy the sound to each pattern if I change it, and when I switch patterns any real time tweaks will be lost as it’ll jump back to the stored sound). That said, I’ve made my fair share of errors on older machines ruining kits by accident so I can see why they did it. Hopefully we can get an option in future but not holding my breath.

Anyway, so given that, how do people approach structuring tracks just using the Digitone? Are there any tricks I might be missing?

Here’s a simple example: I want to have a kick and hi hat on one track using sound locks, and have the ability to turn the hi hat on or off. On an older machine I could just duplicate the pattern but keep the kit the same, obviously as discussed this has downsides on DN as the sound is tied to the pattern (maybe the simple answer is just to accept the downsides!). On the A4 I could also use the mute trigs thing to mute/unmute the hi hat. On the DN all I could think was making the hi hat have “fill” trig condition, but this means I have to keep fill held (or is there a way to lock it?) (or I could input/remove the hi hats in real time I guess)

I’m only making techno so my arranging needs are basic and I do have other boxes I could add to the mix but I quite enjoy just using one box on the sofa so any tricks people have for getting more (controlled) variety from a single pattern would be great!


It’s not a shame, it’s way easier without the stupid kit system, you mention A4, well that’s a machine to really let your brains work. With DN you can play totally drunk :smile: With DN you can just copy your pattern and add other things or swap sounds… try that with A4 and you need to copy kit/rename kit/save pattern…

Yes with every Elektron we have to accept the downsides! I personally hate it also when having multiple Elektrons not every machine can do the same sequencer duties, they even use other button combo’s (f.e. MD controll all is holding function, DN is holding Midi button)

No you can do hold page + yes and release page before releasing yes I believe, I do it a lot when programming hats on the fill track


You could use the hihat as the main track sound, and then sound lock your kick. Then, when you want to mute your hihat, turn the volume down (on AMP page 1, not the track volume). The sound lock for the kick will remain at whatever it is set to in the saved sound.

Additionally, you could also use this to make your hihat pattern more/less sparse, by locking the volume on the hits you want to remain in the pattern when “muted”.


With DN you can play totally drunk

This is true :joy: I guess the option would be nice but then options lead to confusion eg when you use a friend’s machine and it’s set up differently, so I do get it.

Yes with every Elektron we have to accept the downsides

Totally. Often I can look at these downsides/restrictions as forcing me to commit and get stuff done, which ultimately is one of my reasons for using hardware!

Amazing! I should RTFM more :joy: Thanks!


This is a great idea! Just the kind of ingenuity I was hoping for :smiley: Thanks!