Transfer 1.5 and Overbridge 2.1 updates

Both Transfer and Overbridge have been updated, following the launch of Syntakt. With a sprinkling of tasty added features and bug fixes coming too.

Transfer 1.5

Transfer 1.5 has been updated to ensure this powerful tool is also available to the newest addition to the Elektron family, Syntakt.

This version of Transfer also adds the ability to see the remaining available space for the sample machines: Digitakt, Analog Rytm, and Model:Samples.

With Transfer you can easily upgrade the OS on your device, manage and back up projects as well as sounds/presets or samples. You can also share your project - complete with sounds - to a friend to open up and use on their device. Let the collaborations commence!

If you have purchased Syntakt you need to upgrade to this latest version of Transfer to manage your saved presets on a computer.

*Please note that Octatrack, as well as legacy machines such as Monomachine, Machinedrum, and Sidstation are not supported by Transfer.

Please make sure you have the latest OS installed on your device to ensure full compatibility with the latest version of Transfer. Head to our Support page to check the current OS on your device and update if needed.

Download Transfer 1.5 via our Support page.

Overbridge 2.1 update

Overbridge 2.1 is also now available to download, welcoming Syntakt into the Overbridge clan following its launch. You also get the fully-fledged plug-in for this new and exciting device.

Version 2.1 also tackles a number of bugs that had been discovered, offering improved performance. See the release notes for full information on what was addressed.

Download Overbridge version 2.1 here.

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Appreciate all the fixes cheers.

Does the new mixer metering work on the mk1’s too? Unable to test with my AK currently, but DT meters work nicely.
[edit] they work on mk1’s! :smiley:

Transfer’s column headers still do nothing when clicked though (the black arrows flip up/down but they don’t relist by name, size, channels etc as they should)

“Added missing LFO1 destinations in LFO2 destination list for Digitone”

Finally :+1:


Nice! What are the chances of making kits for AR A4 something we can download upload and share?

Updated to Constant tone on channel 1 on both RYTM MK1 and A4 MK1. Reverted to and everything back to normal.
Using latest Monterey version on a MacBook Pro 16 GB RAM 2.5 GHz I7


Will check out my mki Rytm with this.

Anyone else have a high pitched constant sound on the first channel with Analog Four MkI?
Tried several USB-ports with no clue what’s going on.
A4 MKI is on 1.51C and Overbridge at 2.1
heres is a pic:

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10.15.7 Catalina, same settings, no noise here on the Analog Keys.

Have you set up any routings in the A4 plugin/standalone?
Maybe a Monterey prob? @Labsubs has same issue.

Ah! Great that we can now see how much space is available on Model:Samples without having to use a 3rd party website. Good stuff :clap:



Same here! Already did factory reset but makes no difference. Looks like a bug in Overbridge for the MK1 versions

Are the 3 of you having this noise prob on macOS?

I am, MacOS Monterey 12.3.1

I just have submitted a ticket at Elektron. Maybe more people are willing to do this, that will help.

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Legit the biggest reason I hadn’t put most of my sample packs onto my MS until now.

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Yes macOS Monterey 12.3.1

Funny is, when switching from 24bit to 16bit it will be Noise modulated with an LFO.

All 3 of you on Monterey, maybe a coincidence. But worth reporting.

Just got a response on the ticket I opened about the high pitch sound using OB on MacOS Monterey 12.3.1 with the Rytm MK1 and A4 Mk1.

Response of Elektron : "We are investigating and should have a fix ready soon…’’

That sounds promising.


Same here. results in both AK and AR MK1 buzzing while Digitone is running flawlessly. Going back to solves the issue for the time being.

I had a similar problem a few years ago with Overbridge 1. Back then, Elektron Support provided me with a special “deep” uninstaller which purged all traces of Overbridge and system extensions from my Mac. After applying this and a fresh reinstall everything was back to normal.

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We have now fixed the Overbridge issue that caused corrupted audio on Analog Four/Rytm/Keys (all MKI) on macOS Big Sur and Monterey. Overbridge 2.1.1 can now be downloaded via our Support page. We are very sorry this happened. Thank you for your patience and understanding!


That’s fast! Thanks for the great support, @Patrik