Overbridge 2.1 Audio Issue - Analog 4

Hi all,

In trying to solve a problem with my Digitakt and Overbridge, I downloaded 2.1.

With 2.1, my Analog 4 gave weird feedback through Overbridge. Kinda high-pitched whining. The Overbridge app showed signal on the audio in, tracks 1 and 2 and the main out - but nothing was going on with the Analog 4 itself. Plugging headphones directly into the Analog 4, it was silent, and worked fine when pressing keys etc - so this audio was coming from the Overbridge app, it seems, not the actual device.

I uninstalled 2.1 and went back to 2.0.65 and it was fine.

Anyone have anything like this? Running on a M1 Mac Mini.

Yes, there are others.


Am I glad I found this thread! Spent a good 45 minutes fannying about with my AK and cables and things trying to work out what the whining was. And boy was it an annoying headache inducing whine…

Rolled back to the prior version and working grand. Hopefully see a fix soon so I can rock the AK and ST together.

We have now fixed this problem. A new version can be downloaded here. We’re very sorry this happened!