Track Transpose


I have looked in the manual and I can’t find any way to transpose an entire MIDI track (all recorded notes) up or down an octave. Is this not possible on the DT? Is the only way to transpose a sequence to adjust every note seperately?


Not possible on audio or midi tracks.

I think the Digitone can do it. Lets hope they can port that part to the Digitakt, including the keys/scales for both audio en midi and the chords for the midi tracks.

I keep hoping and dreaming :sunglasses:


Program your melody into the arp and then change the note with that


If only the Digitakt had an arp… Maybe in the next firmware :thinking:


It has no arp LOL


Damn that sucks. I was thinking I might be able to use the DT as a MIDI sequencer but without transpose thats not gonna be possible for the way I work.

So the Digitone has track transpose and a keyboard scale mode? Are you sure? I hope they add this to DT in this case.

The DT can already have chords on the midi tracks by the way


Yes, the Digitone has scales and transpose and also ready made chords in the chord mode. Would be sweet to have all of that in the Digitakt too. Keeps the setup really compact if I can use chord mode on the midi tracks to send chords to my iPad synths instead of using a midi keyboard :sunglasses:


Read it wrong


I’d also love to see the Transpose function being ported to the Digitakt. Weird that it’s there for the Digitone and that they didn’t include it in the last update for 1.06…

Ideally I’d want both a Track transpose and a Global transpose function. Something that could easily be done by the press of a button or two, then letting my Keystep transpose any sequence I want.


Is the Keystep able to transpose incoming midi notes to its output? Or is there any cheap midi hardware device that could do that?
Edit: would it be possible to programm 2x patchblocks midiblocks + patchblocks keyblock for this purpose?


The keystep can definitely transpose, I do it a lot when using its arp though never tried with the sequencer (I want to say it works the same).

Haven’t tried what you suggested but I want to say it wouldn’t do anything. Once I record a sequence in the DT, it’s in there. Unless I’m not understanding what you’re saying which is a good possibility haha (still a little new to all of this)

Never tried the Patchblocks before so couldn’t say of that’d help. But I’ll definitely look into this


Yeah it’s a shame. I really would like transpose on digitakt. The midi side is extremely basic, definitely needs some love.


Yes, should be great to have transpose function on midi tracks and a scale mode


This guy has some interesting hacks including an audio track transpose. Basically he loops the midi out back to the midi in and uses a midi track as an extra controller for additional lfo, modulation and note transposition. Not a real transpose but the video provides some interesting concepts. Potentially this could work for a midi transpose as well?


Is it possible to transpose a pattern on Octatrack ? @sezare56 @Open_Mike


In arranger you can transpose midi tracks.
I guess you can freeze transpose if you record a transposed midi track on another midi track.

You can transpose audio tracks with pitch / scenes.


Of course ! What was i thinking ?!?! :horse: At the same time the answer i was looking for was can i like with the digitone transpose the whole pattern at once ? @sezare56



At once with an arrangement row change only if you already prepared transposition in the arranger.


I recently switched from an Arturia Beatstep Pro to Digitakt for all my MIDI sequencing and I must say the transpose feature is the one thing I really miss.

For me, it would be sufficient if I could send MIDI notes on one channel and then the Digitakt would transpose the output of the MIDI tracks by the offset of the note compared to some reference point (I think Arturia defaults to C3, but it’s configurable)
Even better, I would like to be able to select which sample/MIDI tracks are being transposed, so if I would for example use one sample track for chords, I would like to be that one transposed as well, but obviously, my drum samples should stay as they are.

Anyway, I am enjoying my Digitakt a lot, it’s such a versatile piece of equipment, having a feature like this added would make it perfect for me.


big big booh to elektron for not supporting this device and adding basic functionality.
i bought this as a midi sequencer in the first place and i am totally underwhelmed by that aspect of the DT. i feel like we are forced into buying digitone - but i don’t want another fm synth coming with my sequenceer, but a sampler…
we really need midi track transpose, pitch bend and modulation wheel not being filtered when playing external midi gear throuh / via DT.
an easier midi routing and the abiltiy to also copy midi track settings.
of course, stereo input monitoring (w fx) would be awesome - but the midi stuff is essential to be fixed ASAP.
otherwise i will swear to never ever buy another elektron device!