Track challenge : Ryan Cowbells

@Lemajik awesome !
@Ryan I already have some material, should be able to drop something within a week.
My entry will be Machinedrum only !
So much fun :smile:

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Very cool! I’m gonna try to finish this other track im working on today and then get started with this!

I’m gonna be doing the MDUW only thing too! Any opportunity to make a track only using a drum machine is one that I’ll hop on!

This fun little idea is turning out surprisingly well!

Best forum EVAAAA

We should do this every week. Or every second. Or at least once a month.

@Ryan Thanks for your Mission. See you on the next one :rocket:


I’ll think up some ideas and formulate a list. If no one else suggests anything I’ll drop some ideas for missions.

When o first started using this forum is see missions come up every now and then, I don’t know what happened to that, but it’s definitely time to bring it back

Yeah I was hoping something like operator-1 battles would take place here, but there were not many submissions unfortunately…

This type of rules seems to work in other forums like Sp-forums or Stonethrow-forums and such.
It’s well thought out system how to keep doing this.


I don’t know if you’d be into this, but I just wanted to make sure that you knew about is just in case you wanted to partake.

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Yep! Machinedrum was the best choice for this mission! Such a deep machine! In an unassuming package. I’ve had to check multiple times that I am, in fact, using all cowbell engines. I’ve never before really took advantage of the sound crafting capabilities of the LFOs!


My problem right now is that I have way too many patterns I got too choose from and assemble…

There can’t be too much more cowbell :smile:

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Huh! I was just going to do my classic “whatever comes first” method! But, I might take your cue and actually challenge myself further!

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Don’t !
I have crazy drones, hip-hop beats, dub techno, and a bunch of lovely glitches I have to choose from and without using OT I have so much trouble to merge this all :smiley:

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Thanks man, I hadn’t noticed this, could be fun.

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OK, because I knew I’d never do this otherwise, I changed the rules for myself.

  • I only have ten minutes. Whatever I have after 10 minutes is all I have, like Against the Clock on Fact
  • I can only use the internal synthesis of the Machinedrum. I can’t sample or resample
  • I can only use the internal effects
  • I have to start with a blank kit (which is easy because I never use the cowbell)
  • I of course adhere to all other rules
  • OK 123 go

Nicely done sir. That’s like the survival mode of this challenge! Ten minutes, though…that’s gonna be intense. I think I’ve already failed by your rules 100 times :smile: (seriously, I accidentally worked on this challenge from 7 pm to 2pm last night!)

I really look forward to what you come up with!

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Ha, as it turns out, 10 minutes isn’t very long. Got a rough idea down. Just uploading to SC…

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Wow! Turnaround is actually pretty fast when you set the bar at 10 minutes. I’ll have to remember that rule for a future mission!

SC is being a bit funny, I’m not cheating!

Yeah, sometimes it messes up when confronted with raw excellence.

Also, I think Amazon’s sever is experiencing errors which is impacting the rest of the internet I hear.

Haha, I can assure you ‘raw excellence’ is not the issue here, but the Amazon thing sounds plausible.

Yeah it just gets to this bit - seems to have uploaded then does nothing when you click ‘Save’

My guess is to try back later. I’ll be eager to hear it when you’re finally able to post it :slight_smile: