Track challenge : Ryan Cowbells

I haven’t seen any track challenges in a while, so I thought I’d throw something into the ring. Could be fun.

One machine only. And only one sound source. And that sound source is…


Anybody want to make Christopher Walkin proud?

(Samples allowed)

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Not sure I understood the CB sound source thing, did you mean that the idea is to make a track using only a TRX-CB machine from the SPS1, a CB Classic / CB Metallic machine from the Rytm or a cb samples as our only sound material ?

I understand the limitations the RYTM can be, which is why you can load your own CB samples. But yeah, as far as synthesis only the CB sounds.

Only CB synth ? Can we layer up via tracks? Like I know I can shape the CB as bass and a CB. This is fun

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To understand > one machine = one elektron box ?

And one sound source = any cowbell source (IE: rytm cb, sampled cb, machinedrum cb ?)

Can we use lets say a sample in RYTM and use loop points to make different sounds or if we were on OT use cowbell samples and mangle the F out of them ?

Interesting idea - just want to know the parameters hehe

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Any box is fine, not specifically an Elektron. Layering is fine, looping is fine. Use any trick you have in your arsenal provided the only source is cowbell.

At its base, it’s a ode to the wonderful bell of cow.

For those looking for more of a challenge:

+1 point for using a MD/MDUW

+2 for using a MnM(however, I’m willing to allow you to use a VO synth in addition to digipro bbox provided the voice says “cowbell” :smiley: )


I don’t remember how the SPS1 works, but on the RYTM, you can assign the CB machines to only 2 tracks, CY and CB, so the rest will have to be samples. I would have loved being able to add CB machines on all tracks and work only with sythesis, would have been a better exercise.

Anyway, mission accepted ! Do/should we have a time limit for this ?


Yes we need pressure. Ryan???

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Let’s say 03/09. Two weeks

I’m glad people want to do this. This’ll be fun!

I look forward to seeing what everybody presents! :slight_smile:

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Challenge accepted.


Now to decide RYTM or OT hmmmmmmmmmmmm


and i can do whatever i want to do with the cowbell? so every kind of mangling (in my case the AR) would be accepted?


Thinkin’ the same - pretty sure all is accepted as long as the source material is donkadonk.

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+10 if it says “more cowbell”?

Sure! Why not? :smiley:

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You can assign a CB machine to every part on the MD. :slight_smile:


Yessiree! That’s my plan :slight_smile:

Can’t remember the last time I used a cowbell sound!? Challenge sounds fun tho. Would instinctively hit OT for this but getting no studio time lately so OP1 it is :wink:

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Dude you have to have some cowbell at all times. Get a grip!

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What about the master track?
Possible to use a mastering chain or similar on the stereo recorded track?