Track Challenge: Go Digital

Let’s do another sample based challenge for this month to celebrate the new Digitakts being released, shipped out and received!

Attached is the sample to be used. Use only that sample to build your track from and nothing else.

No external processing. No multi-tracking(OB is fine, but no doubling up on the machine). Just one machine. One take.

Resampling is allowed, but you get bonus points if you’re able to sculpt solely from the initial sound(please announce it upon submission so I can add it to your tally).

This track is not solely for DigiTakt owners, it is available to anybody that has the means to perform with samples.

(I don’t know if the sample is actually Analog or Digital, but it felt right–also fun)

If you have any trouble downloading the sample, comment on here and i’ll make sure that you get it!

Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Arbitrary Ninja Mode Rules(any one or combination of the following):
-No resampling
-Finagle a song-mode with your machine
-Make the track in under an hour

**Note: the name “Go Digital” was just a reference to the sample and a celebration of the Digitakt release. It is not some specification for the challenge.


ooh, this sounds right up my alley. I may have to get something together for it!

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Sweet! Can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

Excited to do this! The Digitakt has been a lot of fun the past couple days. This gives me something to use the file transfer app with and to see what can be done with a single sample. What does the timeline look like? Also, might as well take the points for under an hour now. I’ll barely figure out how to get the sample in the Digitakt before I run out of time.

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no layering? as in, only one track? ie. you are not allowed to make any polyphonic stuff?

The timeline is for the entire month of June(updating the info-thanks for bringing that up). But grab whatever points you can while the getting is good! :smiley:

Oh! Sorry! No I meant no multitracking! Fixing!

no multitracking… meaning that I am not allowed to record anything in several passes from many machines?

this is only for elektron machines, right? No MPCs allowed? No external sequencer allowed?

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Correct. All sounds for the track coming from within the single machine in one take.

What about analog processing? As in rytm filters etc… Since the title is “go digital”?

That was just being playful assuming that dial-up modem sounds are digital, but mostly just saying this is a celebration of the release of the DT, you can absolutely use the analog filters of you AR, or the Toraiz if you have it etc.

I’ll clarify in the info. Thanks for bringing it up

Lovely! Make a track under an hour? Nice!

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Neither Analog or Digitial; just Awesome.


1 hour starts now :slight_smile:

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I am excited!

Nice homage to the old 1hour tracker competitions we used to have in IRC… #ft2 ftw


Eh… one hour passed… time to cut it and upload. Some extra minutes…


(Looking the other way to allow you to ninja your track in) :smiley:

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Haha :slight_smile: it’s not that easy under one hour…