Torso Electronics S-4 (sculpting sampler)


Let the speculations begin :wink:


oh i’m interested :sunglasses:

This is an arduous wait though. I’m better off forgetting about this for two weeks than I am speculating for that long :rofl:


Most interesting thing from my point of view is that that clearly looks like a screen. I wasn’t expecting that from a t|so device. Not a positive or a negative. Just interesting.


I think it is kind of Live recorder that can granulate or mangle sounds like Morphagene. Something like that…


I’m relieved to see it. Did my best with the T-1 but my brain wasn’t able to cope…or, more likely, I didn’t use it with enough frequency to get a firm grasp on its functionality. But it is such a cool device…felt a bit sad moving it on.


Oh man, a midi granular mangler thing would be top notch !


same. I appreciate a good screen.

the OP-Z is really one of the only screenless devices that I’ve been able to manage working with, but ultimately the speed with which info gets communicated on a screen helps a ton when working on something. The T-1 was fun for me to twist knobs on but ultimately I had little clue where I was and what I was doing.

there is a difference between screen-centric (ie a new MPC where you’re staring at the screen the whole time) and a device with a screen (ie the deluge oled, where the oled transmits very useful info but the device is still centered around your interaction with the hardware)

I have a feeling that after the T-1, if Torso is dropping something with a screen that this device will still be hardware-centric and very tactile. At least I hope, that would be great.


The announcement email said “Explore malleable sound.” My guess/hope is that it’s a 16-part synth/sampler companion to the T-1 with granular/timestretch capabilities, that also powers the T-1.


cant be sure what it is but maybe rip my wallet

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Looking much forward to this one :grinning:

Me too

There is a little video on their instagram. The audio seems to be granular stuff with a stop tape effect at the end. “Capture The Moment” appears in the video.
So maybe a real time granulizer/tape effect, something like the Bastl Thyme ?


“capture the moment”


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Yeah it’s not the most intuitive thing at first, and you have to want to learn it, but once that lightbulb goes off, it pays amazing dividends. I’ve never been so fascinated with a sequencer. Give it another go!

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Wow. A T-1 with sampling capability would be amazing.

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Page was live on their website but quickly got pulled:

"The S-4 is a sculpting sampler designed to capture and transform sounds. Merging tape-era workflows with cutting-edge technology, the S-4 redefines sound mangling by providing a futuristic platform for crafting unique soundscapes and compositions, using samples and real-time audio processing.
It features USB connectivity for seamless connection to class-compliant devices and effortless file transfers to and from your laptop. Moreover, it can function as an audio interface when you require a simplified setup. You can also expand the number of inputs and outputs by connecting a class-compliant external USB interface.”

Hyped for this now…


amazing find!

I am very hyped for this now!!

kinda glad it’s not a granular-specific thing, sorry not sorry :smiley:

Sampler + Tape-era workflow + Samples/Realtime audio
is this an OP-1 challenger?


Well so much for speculating :rofl:



Yeah it leaked earlier, with specs and all. I won’t play this game but it looks damn cool !

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