Toraiz Squid multitrack sequencer



Could be interesting as a performance sequencer. Wonder what the price will be?

Let’s hope it’s properly supported though, unlike the poor Toraiz AS-1 which despite being an awesome sounding little unit still hasn’t had the bug where it loses sync if you switch patch fixed.

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It has got 2x CV/Gate out :scream:
Interesting indeed…

Looks like they might have done a solid job here. Their track record on firmware updates hasn’t been great though, has it?

More CV/gate outputs might have been a bonus but I guess two sets is decent. Would like to know how sophisticated longer arrangements can be.

$599 apparently


Hm, the emphasis on rhythm randomization / playback order stuff looks a bit “DJ focused”.


The man who got over GAS, just felt a little bit gaseous after seeing this video.
For once the pricing seems fair/reasonable for a Pioneer product.


Well I guess it is from Pioneer DJ :slight_smile: I probably won’t be getting it as I don’t really need anything like that, but the price seems quite good. Will be interesting to see what the build quality and firmware is like. My AS-1 is build like a tank.


Yeah, it’s exactly what you’d expect I suppose :slight_smile: , just seems like a lot of the front panel is dedicated to randomizing a 16 step sequence in various different ways. Probably does have a lot more depth than that but the front panel definitely looks geared to that type of music making.


It seems like a very interesting proposition at that price.

The Squarp Pyramid is more complex but it’s probably less easy to master. The AKAI MPC Live and consorts is much more expensive (and not necessarily more powerful in some live scenarios).

The Digitakt is cool already but lacks the pads and the feature requests have been stalled forever because of Overbridge (which is an awesome feature no critic there but it’s not like the firmware updates are raining).

Smart move from Toraiz! :thinking:

Seems to share a lot with RENE - seems good value (compared to Eurorack sequencers!) I will keep an eye out for reviews on this…

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I kind of like it. I’m using the IOS App Fugue Machine a lot and love the idea of multiple playheads playing the same melody in different Tempo/transposed/direction. It seems to be pretty simple to get this done with this machine.
I was thinking about getting a NDLR, but maybe I will wait for a review of this guy.

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Finally an attractive pioneer device that is not a car radio.


I thought the same with the crazy directional movement of the sequences. I wonder what the pattern length limit is? Looks interesting, this is going to be the happy accident sequencer. :joy:

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Just checked the technical spec … and wonder … :thinking:

  • one DIN Midi Out/Through and
  • one USB port B, which is often supposed not to be used as a midi host

Maybe I missed something. But if this is the entire midi connectivity, Pioneer might have missed something.

EDIT: the image of the rear panel shows a different midi port configuration compared with the written text. The images changed my mind :smiley:

I knew I should never have signed up to this forum. Me wanty

EDIT Added User Manual for squidheads


The Pioneer RMX-500 is the secret weapon of some fine synth-dudes.
Quite attractive too if you ask me.

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Ok, so that’s the second device :smiley:

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Take my money!


“groove bend”