Toraiz as-1


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Say. Where are people finding the AS-1 for $299?

Check out Ebay used prices average $299 for Toraiz AS-1 (Retail is only $499 brand new)
It will not be hard to get one @$299.
I think because of SP-16 debacle people have lost confidence in the brand re updates and are panic selling.
Both the SP-16 and AS-1 are quality machines that can be had for a song used. Id much prefer the SP-16 over AR MK1


When I find the time to sit down and programme my own sounds on AS1 I think that will make it quite special. The menu diving limits what you can do live with it but it sounds really good. Agree it needs very little, if any, processing.


Hmmm, I’ve been watching these and have only seen one sell for $299 in the last 3 months. The majority being in the $350-$400 range.

This is worldwide, too. A quick search of sold listings confirms this.

That said, tree fiddy would still be worth it!


If I’m honest I think I should learn the AS1 Inside out instead of buying a digitone. There’s a lot going on for sound design and a wide variety of options


Its a very old school synth sound the AS-1 --very different to my AK and SE-02 and essential
$350 used on Ebay is great buying —its a lot of synth for the $$$
Some amazing presets in the user slots some of my favourites—tweekable too
U3 P53 FX Magnetic Lazers
U3 P54 LD Invading Dees
U3 P58 BA Velorezz
U3 P59 PD Stubbed
U3 P81 Roman Rolandski
U3 P86 LD Pollead
U3 P2 BA Panticon
U3 P4 LD Mirror BallLead
U3 P9 ST Old String
U3 P13 PD Squares in Space
U3 P27 PDMonopad
U3 P35 BAVBass
U3 P48 FXWaterlogue Kraftwerk
U3 P51 BA PURRRBass pro one
U3 P5 LD SynthNoiseDrops
U2 P7 ARSawPeggio
U2 P9 FXAS Sprites Hillage
U2 P37 PD Survivor play
U2 P39 PD Etherical BOC
U2 P44 AR SequePulse bass
U2 P52 BA SliderRootKey bass
U2 P63 LD LonelyPhases
U2 P89 AR Clanking
U2 P90 TM Electric Tom transeurope
U2 P98 TMLoAir subbass
U2 P99 PD Quasars
U5 P2 LDAirOrgan
U5 P4 ARSpacePants
U5 P5 LDWhovianSlide
U5 P13 BARachine Lil Louis
U5 P15 LDElationChords
U5 P27 BR Brassics
U5 P28 DR Drummffs!! LFO-LFO
U5 P40 FXLostCoast
U5 P45 LDT8Piano
U5 P58 FXSpiral Winds
U5 P59 PDComplexWave
U5 P68 PDSpaceProgram
U5 P85 BABassDance juan Atikins
U5 P96 ARBubblePerc
U4 P4 LD Slide Shifter Digirido
U4 P5 BA Acide Re-Flux
U4 P14 GT Phisolation


So if if you guys had to choose, Pro-1 or As-1 which would you pick?


To me the as1 sounds modern! Go figure. My other synth is a moog though so that’s my reference.


I’ve found a As-1 for a decent price thinking I should go for it instead of the Pro-1 and buy something else for the money saved.

What you reckon @d2ba ?



If you’re just after the sound, go for the AS-1.

If you really, really want to own a Pro One because you’ll love to own and care for a knobby vintage analogue synth, go for the Pro One. :slight_smile:


AS1 is really good, easy to use, doesn’t take up any space. I believe the editor is useful I haven’t used it yet. The menu diving isn’t great on the unit but that’s the size it is.


sold my tetra after buying the as-1/
i m stunned by the amount of different qualities of sound u can get out of it: of course it is marketed towards EDm, but creating Carpenter style sounds, or very funky filtered sounds… all easy … very much depth with the editor: and the little keyboard is very ncie for making short sequences

only issues is, why o why can we not assign nosie level to slider and NRPN… in stead of all CC

reads prophet 6 presets!!!

Menu diving: initially annoying, but in combi with shift + easy browsing thru the menus



Lol you didn’t make the decision any easier :grinning:

But I think I’m gonna use common sense and go with the As-1 since space is limited is the moment.

Thanks for the help guys.


How is the editor software?
What about the DAW integration?

I shouldn’t but another synth, I shouldn’t buy another synth…


This seems like what the Roland TB-3 / TB-03 should’ve been. Definitely worth 300-400 bucks.


There is one b-stock for 299 £ in the UK

Since they don’t ship to Iceland I ended up buying a Pro-1… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Showing as £359 for me



Ohh my bad, we get VAT off since I live in the most expensive country in the world :sob:


I use the LE editor that’s free from Soundtower. It’s pretty good. There’s a (paid) plugin version if you prefer, but I haven’t tried that.

The lack of knobs is a bit of issue I think, but it sounds so damn good – it’s a lovely little synth. If they made a mk 2 with more knobs, I’d definitely get one of those, too.


Love, love, love the sound. Hate, hate, hate the lack of controls. It’s just not fun to jam on because of the lack of controls, unless you like holding shift and scrolling through a hundred parameters on a menu to find the one you want to adjust.

Hardest return for me of any instrument just because I loved the sound so much.