Toraiz as-1


I guess the AS1 has deeper synthesis abilities/ more modulation options?


When I heard about this here were my reactions, in order:

  1. “Pioneer are making a synth. Why?!?!”
  2. “I thought Pioneer only made car stereos.”
  3. “Dave Smith must be on the medical.”
  4. “This thing looks like Native Instruments.”
  5. “So hideous.”

Then my brother bought one and immediately used it on a track. Here were my reactions, in order:

  1. “What’s that spicy string lead? That’s the AS-1? Ohhhhh.”
  2. “Wow that sounds great.”
  3. “Okay so it’s one voice of a Prophet? Seems good.”
  4. “That’s a fair price when you consider what other ordinary monosynths like MiniBrute cost.”
  5. “Doesn’t take up much space, that’s good.”
  6. “Still fuckin’ hideous.”


I’ve just come to the realization that I get super annoyed by people who spend so much effort bitching and whining about gear they’ve never tried. It makes me want to take a break from these forums in general.


I was skeptical to. Then fooled around with it. Not gonna lie, best sounding synth I own. Hands down. Really good for old school techno sounds.


The Mac version will certainly not work … If Macs are still a thing for musicians in 10 years which I highly doubt, judging by the way Apple are going.


Regarding the sync issue: It syncs initially perfectly, but as soon as you change the patch (for a new sound and/or pattern), it’s completly out of sync. You always have to restart your midi master clock device or restart AS-1 perfectly on the first beat.

It’s the perfect sounding mono synth (the best i own) with the worst sequencers I know. There are many other issues with the sequencer. I would recommend using an external sequencer, but then you will miss slides.


Is it DSI or Pioneer that need to sort it out?


That’s a bummer. Oh well.


Pioneer are going as far as calling it a feature, that the user is able to start it on time, and that they designed it on purpose this way.
While I don’t see it as such, I would like for this behavior to stay as an option if they ever fix it. It can be really useful.


Program your notes legato, choose the a legato slide setting on the as-1, and it will work just fine.


I picked up one real cheap after reading this comment and must say I fully agree. It sounds great and it’s surprisingly straightforward to program.


Love the sequencer in AS-1 --super quick to punch in stuff like sh-101
its amazing that stores are selling these in fire sale mode as low as USD$299


Yeah, it’s pretty insane if you consider you’re essentially getting a souped-up Pro One with patch memories and effects for that.


Had a Prophet 6 and the AS-1 is actually better sounding than one voice of the Prophet 6
Filter is beefed up on AS-1
Had a DSI PRO 2 and this $299 AS-1 sounds better
Had a Sequential PRO-ONE and this AS-1 is as nice sounding
Best $299 iVE ever spent


I think the AS1 has been lost in the noise over the sp16.


That’s awesome man!

Say. Where are people finding the AS-1 for $299?


No idea. I got mine for €320 excluding VAT over here in The Netherlands. That discount is currently no longer available from the same supplier, so I guess they were getting rid of overstock.


Nice set i see you used sampler (Elektron Octatrack), drum machine (Elektron Analog Rytm), and a synth (Pioneer Toraiz AS1), all into a dj mixer (DJM 800). What about CDJs?


Don’t need them with the octatrack, made it into a two deck player with scenes doing transitions between the two, using master and cue outs to get two channels into the dj mixer.


Damn 299$ for a DSI synth ? Help a brother out and post links please :smiley: