Toraiz as-1


You literally only have to read a few posts up for the answer to your question.


You sure don’t like a lot of things that I think are fine tools to make music with.


I can see your screenshot is the last post on the matter… but the question remains unanswered.

I think this machine sounds great, but is expensive for the amount of knobs and more so if the sequencer won’t sync up properly with other gear. I am tired of companies releasing products that are not fully working and then promising fixes in firmware updates. Never mind adding features, they should at least make sure the features that people paid for are fully working. I think this trend needs to be firmly resisted and stopped.


What’s wrong with the AS-1? I’ve been using it the last little while and haven’t experienced any problems. Curious.


Why are you so mad about a synth you’ve never played with?


Nope. There hasn’t been an update since March, which was a bit of a joke of an update anyway. After the SP-16 1.4 fiasco, I don’t have much trust in Pioneer’s roadmaps or promises.


I’m not mad bro!


if you scroll up a little there is a description of the problem ( sequencer does not sync properly)


So does it sync properly yet or not?


Yes I tend to agree.
Reminds me of when I bought the DSI Pro 2 when it was released and it couldnt sync to an external clock. Had bought it predominantly to sequence my modular at the time from my daw.
I was mighty pissed, waited for DSI to sort it out but it took too long so I flogged it at an obvious loss.
Kind of ironic when it was built by the guy that invented midi :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hi yes it syncs perfectly via Midi din incoming clock
I can confirm that 100%




I have the SE-02 and AS1 both beautiful


All I know is that this synth is a keeper… It’ll be one of the rare classics… Watch, ten years from now everyone will want one…


Depends if the editor still works :wink:


Both are so cool


Well… If you have any experience with this piece, you’ve got to agree that it screams… It’s not a perfect girlfriend but you must admit, she’s a guilty pleasure…lol


Good to hear!


That’s a cool breakbeat tune, dude! Are the synth sounds all from the Toraiz?


Thanks! Yes they are. Either sequenced on the Toraiz or with the MPC. Then sampled into the MPC