Toraiz as-1


Sounds very similar to a Pro One. Given the pedigree that’s to be expected…


My AS-1 arrived yesterday, but I only had time to mess with it very briefly. My first impressions are excellent though. I’ve owned DSI products like the Evolver, Mopho, Tempest, Pro 2, and OB6 before; the build quality of this unit far surpasses any of them. Very solid feeling piece of gear.

I’ve recently been going through a laundry list of monos like the Korg Monologue, Roland SE-02, and MFB Dominion Club. I like them all, but this one sounds the best to me. The oscillators have such a richness to them that I really like.

I far prefer the oscillator modulation on the AS-1 over the Roland SE-02. I felt like there wasn’t much usable range on the Roland; I always ended up using any oscillator modulation to the filter, PWM, or other osc very sparingly to add a bit of grit. It quickly added inharmonic qualities to the sound when the oscillator modulated another oscillator.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the richness of the AS-1’s oscillators, but it sounds so good when one is modulating another or any of the filters. A huge range of usable tonal sounds. I’ll add more thoughts once I’ve had a chance to get better acquainted, but I’m very happy with it so far.


would be curious to hear whether pioneer has resolved the the sync issue that crops up when switching patterns. (heard they were working on it as of late july, but the latest firmware appears to date from march, so i expect it still happens.)


Yes it does still happen, and if you are an Elektron user shouldn’t be too hard to handle, as a stop and start makes things wright.
Arp has this also, which can be solved by turning it off, changing the tempo multiplier back and forth and then turning the Arp back on.
Just got the little bugger days ago and am loving it to bits! Wonderful sound, presets, sequencer, heck there’s even a tiny keyboard! Tiny Rick!


thx … i prefer not to stop the sequencer during a liveset, so i’ll be curious to hear when they address this.


I haven’t tried yet, but if you have it integrated into a setup with another sequencer that has the ability to sequence program changes, a trigger at the beginning of the sequence ought to sort the timing out. I’m hoping my Digitakt will be able to work with it in this manner until Pioneer finally resolves the issue with an update.


Thanks a lot. Issues like that were the reason to sell my Pro2. They really suggested “stop and start the sequencer” at customer support to solve sync problems. This is no suitable workaround for a gig at a club and I really wonder why they release new hardware with “we will fix it soon!” stickers on them before the old stuff works properly.


I imagine it won’t matter to most people who have something else to sequence the AS-1 with including better options, UI & workflow.


Pioneer is responsible for updating the OS, not DSI. Pioneer has actually been doing an excellent job of being clear about what to expect. I’m pretty certain they are actively working on this particular issue from what I read on their forums.


To be honest, I’m having so much fun with the broken sync for the sequencer… Having everything stop and start breathes new life into a live set, you can’t do this as a dj. Also makes me think differently. The keyboard is polyphonic, just so you know. :slight_smile:
Played the circuit with it, and sure, could play chords on top of the bass line. Neat!

Couldn’t get clock going to the iPad via usb/cck when as1 is slaved, did anyone else try it?


Blame it on others, call it a feature. Some crazy people just want a working instrument.


Are you still talking about the “DSI” Pro 2 that will never get updated by DSI, or are you talking about the “Pioneer” AS-1 that is likely to get an OS update (by Pioneer) to address said issue?


I think after touch might come to the keyboard in an update. There is much emphasis on the fact it can afterthought and a lot of modulation options come from the aftertouch menu.
Just guessing here.

@phelios yep, for me, that it is. Haven’t been this much into an instrument, like, ever. So just spreading love for it, don’t mean to look down on other people’s opinions.


Here are some screenshots of some “official” responses regarding the sync issue from Pioneer (not DSI).


Guys, this thing sounds so freaking good. I’m very impressed.


i have never had this much fun with a synth, period. did a 5 hour long live allnighter last night with it, i am in love with the little bugger. no need for much processing, sounds already produced.
here’s the link to the recording, AS1 is all over the place, building tracks with it and the AR, and mixing that with full tracks, so much fun…
I’m a preset warrior, and proud of it! :smiley:čevo-live-allnighter-sampler-drum-machine-synth-keys/


You said ‘presets’


I’m into the Toraiz right now. This box and an MPC is all I need at the moment. Curious


I’m waaay into the As1 and MPC right now. The AS1 sounds really good


Did they fix the sync bug ? Let me guess, that ain’t happening. . .