Toraiz as-1


Does this do FM?
Thought as it’s a cut down synth FM wasn’t implemented?
Wasn’t interested because didn’t think it had FM, but if it does mmm interesting…


It has the same polymod as the Prophet 6 so the second oscillator can modulate the first as well as both filters.


Sweet. Would like to hear its FM for sure. Any audio examples of this available?
Will check Prophet6 FM for an idea of its sound I guess


I don’t think you can modulate the polymod amount with velocity, only the envelopes for the LP and HP filters can be modulated with velocity.


The screen and structure is pretty well thought of. I have just tweaked a bit but if you go deeper the software editor is a better way to make patches and sequences.


I’ve not been deeper into it yet. I have to have more time with it. Will try some things later.


I just bought the OB-6 recently, it sounds amazing and very pleased with it as a whole package. Seems simple at first glance but ticks all the boxes, plus the sequencer and alternate tunings are great. All that as a mono synth in a portable form factor looks great. Anyone with an OB6 or P6 can use them as midi controllers to program the AS-1 too.


Cheers, maybe good enough for preset editing on the sofa :diddly:


Just my 2cts: It sounds amazingly good. But it has timing problems - sequencer fails when switching presets.

Back to store…


They fix the timing issues in an upcoming update.


One thing I didn’t like is that the octave buttons become disabled on it if it is being sequenced externally. Is that common among synths?



I wish this was true. The last version of their OS is from March 2017 - 4 months ago. I am a bit reluctant to believe that a midi timing problem that has not been fixed in four months will be fixed any time soon. But let’s hope they do…

Anyway, there is also one other thing where I have my problems with the AS-1: the user interface has been simplified to the point where it becomes almost useless to me. The AS-1 has two independent envelopes for filter and amplifier (good!) - but the decrease knob instantly sets the amplifier and filter decrease and release on the same value. Having only 5 knobs for sound manipulation is bad enough, but making two of these knobs hard-wired macros that unify the two independent envelopes is too much… The box should have at least the knobs of a TB-303, with an env depth for the filter available.

The the Analog Four now only being 350€ more expensive, I have decided to go that route, even though I will probably miss the sound of the AS-1 a bit.




Yes the sound is phenomenal and the 5 parameters available aren’t enough… Also the sequencer is really useless for live purpose… sync bug is horrible, but pioneer really promised to fix in in their forum.

I’m in the process of building/designing a custom midi controller for it and I’m wondering about the parameters I should add. Shouldn’t get to big… Env depth, separate envelope control, separate volume control of oscillators and noise… what else?


It is such a shame that something that sounds as good as the AS-1 (it’s on another level soundwise than my other synths) should be so handicapped by the lack of knobs. The screen is great, so I wouldn’t say remove that to make space. If I was Pioneer/DSI, I’d remove the keyboard and replace with knobs. The one-octave keyboard, which doesn’t have real keys, would likely not be missed. The latch also takes up a lot of real estate.

I reluctantly returned mine.


If you want me more knobs guess you have to buy a Prophet 6


Very much enjoyed using it so far. The editing isn’t too bad. Im already familiar with the parameters from the OB-6 though so can navigate through quickly.

The decay knob works very well in a musical way considering how simple it is, affecting the amp & Filt env’s simultaneously. You can always edit each one separately.

My view, it is intended for production in the studio (with computer) then has enough tweakable parameters for live performance without getting complicated on the front panel.

My only gripe is the limited choices for the touch strip. Wish there was more parameters available to assign to it!


I’d start with the TB-303 set of parameters and a separate decay for the filter. The rest can be part of the design of the patch, but these usually are what makes live tweaking enjoyable: cutoff, resonance, env depth filter, amp decay/release, filter decay, amp attack. If you have two more: LFO speed and depth.


I forgot about this guy. It sounds really good in this demo. I feel like I have to have one now.


Yea, that filter is something else.


It’s begging for something like a BCR2000 to access all the hidden parameters without menu diving. Wish the NanoKontrol2 had MIDI DIN out. Would be so nice with the AS-1.


Maybe there’s an IPad app or template; I haven’t checked yet. I think I’ll be ok with the menu diving.