TM-1 alternative for loading samples to machinedrum UW


In the end I brought a irig midi 2 for £30 off eBay as I wanted midi for my a treat with the well happy :+1::+1::grinning:


Needing the TM1 to load autechre sysex doesnt make sense, MIDI cable will also load them just taking more time.


Sugamo was joking.


I am thinking in buying a Machinedrum UW
that doesnt include the USB to midi Turbo device propietary from elektron, the TM1, and i am wondering how important that is…afaik It just improoves speed but would i also be able to load samples and save and loading sysex and also importing samples?


That’s correct. You can use any MIDI interface to move data to and from your computer but the TM-1 includes Elektron’s Turbo protocol which can make the transfers faster.

More discussion here:


I use to use my Motu Microlite to transfer samples to the Machinedrum, but sold it awhile back.

Anybody know if this would work.
C6 transfer > USB midi > Digitone > din midi > Machinedrum , for transferring?

Basically using the Digitone as a middle man. I doubt it would work, just curious if anybody has tried passing data through a device for transfer to another