This synth does not exist

This might be fun:

Let’s try and describe the features of these AI generated synths.

Not only does this have a polyphonic after touch keyboard with Z movement added as another layer of expression, this new synth by Z-plane also adds touch sensitive silicon faders. You might know these from the k-mixer. Completely new though is how the neon lighting of these faders morphs into CV cables making connection based on an AI engine that follows your playing. The connections are made for you and flow from mod destination to mod destination as you move your fingers across the faders.

Another unique feature are the very sharp spikes on the right side of the lower panel. Resting your hand on these spikes and pushing gently will trigger your pain threshold. The synth will use this as a multi layered morphing mod source. You can completely setup and edit this via a cubical mod matrix or have the AI engine generate patches for you.

To be able to play this synth standalone 3 speakers are added with a patented super soft dome 3 point system which Z-plane claims blows Dolby atmos out of the water. The cones of the speakers don’t move just forward or backwards but circular. Giving the impression of being completely immersed in the sound.

The synths name: Anamorpher
MSRP: 5999 euro


A bargain!

This former half of an accordian is overbridge compatible via the hidden cigarette pack compartment on the side cheek area, has fabulous donut hole nipple knobs and and four oceanic barnacle whistle patchbay inputs. A hostess ding dong emulates a 2 inch speaker for monoaural listening pleasure and the other half of the accordian can be attached for stereo mono. The vocoder is actually a record player tonearm and can be upgraded with the teenage engineering gakken rebranded toy record player for only a pittance of 399 extra american shecklebacks. The four sleek aluminum double cigarette extinguishers allow you and your closest 3 friends to put your butts deep into the internal trashbox to be sampled in a carbon based internal do-nothing thingy which can never be emptied and will continue to emit strange and foul odors for the life of the instrument (projected at 4 to 5 weeks depending on frequency of use). The center panel is literally just for show and is made of painted toothpicks and legos with automotive filler and ground up cheerios were used for what could be considered a “lo fi powdercoat” finish.

All this can be yours for the low low price of 2999 plus an elektron device trade in.

36 month waiting list.

s̶y̶n̶t̶h̶ ̶n̶a̶m̶e̶:̶ ̶o̶h̶ ̶h̶a̶p̶p̶y̶ ̶d̶a̶y̶

edit: new name - the moog blubber clubber, deluxe

/end run on sentence.


Would be cool if it was possible to pinch, twist pull, push and punch the silicon faders in order to generate cv or modulation. When you pull on them, you can let them snap back to create additional gates and cv according to the motion. Velocity of the punches, degrees of twisting etc. all generate gates and three voltages (X, Y and Z) derived from various physical aspects of the motion or stuff like X is velocity of motion, Y is range of movement, Z is product of X and Y.


Three 4D oscillators
Super crisp OLED display
7 Step sequencer with three mod lanes
ADSR amp envelope
AD filter envelope
Resonant filter array with several serial and parallel routings, Brane-Resonance and active Nozzleswitch
Three variable waveform lfos
Keyboard and two Oasxs PinchPads
Left PinchPad with five, right PinchPad with four ModStubbles -> Twist them, pull them, punch, rub them, feed them to generate control signals! You know the deal!
Spatial directory knob!

It’s the wonderful Oasxs BraneMod!

Developed in collaboration with entities from the Hyperspace (not available on earth)

Price: Ask Alice


…i’m in for one of those :smiley_cat:


I like how all the black keys are offset or just in the wrong place. Maybe these keys are designed to be played by the messed up hands that AIs draw.


Ah yes.

Little tricky to get a sense of scale of this thing, but I guess you would just grasp with both hands then scream into the mic protrusion thing there while crunching away at all the switches. It would multiply your voice into hundreds of layers all with varying amounts of parallel distortion and resonance.

And I think the main spherical body lifts off of the PSU/preamp pedastal on the bottom there, so you can more freely thrash around with it while screaming.


haha love this idea. jammin here

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Ah yes.

I’m dying. :joy:


Nah, those are for instant out of this world melodies.

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These are so good

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I’m gonna fire off one more since I found a good one:

On planet Arrakis the spice must flow and this 39 oscillator LFO sub drone combs the sands emitting a slow rumbling PWM from 3 meter centrally positioned downward facing sub-woofer used to calm the great worms before the harvesters approach and cultivate that sweet blue nectar of the desert.

This model has reached the end of it’s service life and is now ready for a new owner, if interested contact house atreides for payment plan information. Bring a truck or heighliner, can not deliver.

Special pricing available for bene gesserit. All hail emperor Shaddum IV. All glory to the empire.

ATTENTION: This harvester is now the possession of House Harkonnen, any interested parties contact Baron Harkonnen for similar terms.


It is your home studio ?

Arrakis’ daughter, the O-Cube

Enter through one of the elongated ports to set the base tone, reach inside the circular openings to modulate timbre and discover connections of unforeseen magnitude.

Two handed operation encouraged. Insurance for up to 2h rides. Bring your own baseplate. Spice flow not guaranteed.

The Oozze

Flow driven, shape uttering, unberated liquid form synthesizer. Spectral compander with glitch fire masking procedure.

Low spectral fuzziness with neutral settings
Phase smearning analysis up to 12x Ego
Liquid attennae maze array
Four open nostrils, hardwired to discreete breathing apparatus for extended sessions

Don’t forget, whatever you do, never lose eye contact…

The Yess by YoorCorp - the ultimate Acid Techno Machine!

Neuronal network with brain linking capabilities
Man-Machine interface with emotisive knobs and fluffy epithelial coating
Standard size keys


The Oozze is a 100% instant buy.


I’m dying! extra funny if you saw or read children of dune!

this must be the inspiration for that recent dataline youtube machinedrum only track, SNIFFTAKT!


I see you lost your mind, young fellow. No problem, the Oozze has one of its own. Remember to provide 98% nitrogen atmosphere at all times.

Have to check that MD only track now! :grin:


I cannot handle this thread.


Reminds me of Simon Stålenhag’s art.

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