Third month with octatrack

Octatrack is… a little bit hard, isn´t it?

Well, one thing that annoy me is working hard for two o more hours, tunning and learning new tips and tricks that I found in this and others forums and when I switch off the octatrack and switch on two days later its don´t sound how I remember. Is really frustrating.

So guys, can anyone give me some tips/tricks about : Things you should never do working with octatrack

Thanks in advance


One thing to never do is give up! You could be a week or two away from it all clicking and starting to make sense!


Be aware that in the circumstance you describe the tweaks that you make are auto saved, so if you are working on a project and change settings these are automatically saved, this is a different paradigm than when you manually save a project.

So, a good practice is to save a project manually when you are happy with it, then if you change settings (which will auto save) and decide that you do not want the changes then you can reload the project, and it will load the last manually saved state.


Also, parts can be saved independently of the project, so if it is just parts that have been changed then you can save the parts or revert to saved.


One thing other could be that you’re using free-running LFOs maybe? It’s just a guess/thing to note. As these don’t lock in with your sequencer steps, their effect can sound radically different each time you stop and press play. To get around this, I used one of the other LFO types.


As @darenager said, make sure to save your parts. I had the EXACT same problem/experience/user error of having a dope beat, ONLY saving the project (all I knew at the time), turning my OT off and on, and the “life” of my beat was just gone. The elements were there, but it just sounded “off.” I now make sure to press FUNC+PART then SAVE ALL, as well as save any sampled sounds in the recording buffers to a flex slot, then save project. I’ve found that I can now turn my OT off and on and everything sounds just like I left it. I hope this helps because I was bashing my head against a wall for a few days trying to figure this out. I also save parts again after any additional changes after saving the project.


It is. But totally worth the struggle.

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3 months? Nausea and vomiting?
That’s normal. First year with OT to make your first song (baby) is like this (per trimester) :


lmao I hope OT doesn’t cause “nipple changes” :eyes:

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I dunno, since I got mine my nipples have been almost constantly erect.


Sorry I meant knobs.
So after 4 months turning knobs and loosing your settings after reboot you’re like this :

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…biggest traps of ot… and it ONLY starts to make sense and truu fun and makes u believe in all it’s mystical reputation it has, ONCE u wrapped ur head successfully around a few things…

  • the concept of parts and not to forget to save them individually if u really wanna jumpjam around
  • the concept of sample chains…
  • the concept of it’s data structure…set/audio pool/projects…and how to set up a personal folder structure within the audio pool where u don’t get lost again and again…
  • a constant backup on ur desktop for any quick audio exchanges for new created sample chains and stuff…
  • saving policy…if starting fresh, than from a preprepared blank project…
  • always saving a project with it’s name and continous version numbers…xxx 0.0…xxx 0.1…
  • set up ur own rules but then stick to them no matter what…
    like which machines/decks do always what…?
  • trk 1 is always doing lo end stuff like kiks for example…which track preserves the bass line…always…
  • same with scenes…be strict with 8 A scenes and 8 B scenes…in best case also corresponding to same associated track numbers…

…and hey, cheer up…3 month is a minute in the ot universe… :wink:

  • trk 1 is always doing lo end stuff like kiks for example…which track preserves the bass line…always…

I’m still learning my OT, but am comfortable with using it for my needs (sample based production, so mainly slices) but this is the first I’ve heard of keeping low-end sounds on track 1. I use track 1 as a thru machine for DT, but I set up a flex machine to record my samples on track 5, then use a low pass filter to isolate the bass line. I haven’t had any problems here, so I’m curious if this is personal preference? or is there a legitimate reason for this?

…as mentioned…set ur own set of rules however u like it or it suits ur personal needs the best…
all i’m saying is…stick to those rules…!

…any thru machines in my case for example comin in on trk 6 to 8…while trk 1 always contains lo end kiks n stuff…trk 2 always hosts snares n claps, trk 3 always contains the shuffle… like hihats n stuff…trk 4 always holds the bassline…and trk 5 is always spitting out harmony related stuff…

whatsoever…ur free to go anywhere so u better come up with some structuring…and structure is only a structure once u play along within that structure… :wink:


Gotcha! I just wanted to know if there was like a noticeable difference in audio quality on track 1, or just preference. I’m the same way, though. Once I find a structure that works, it becomes my bread and butter. I’ve actually set up a template (which I’m glad you recommended as well) and it just streamlines my process. Load project and all my machines are right where they need to be. I’ve been churning out beats quicker than ever with this sequencer. the Elektron workflow changed my life lol


“Strong kicks from the baby” Very true! :joy:


Best part before the baby blues. :content:

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Mine too, may I say.

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hahaha I just touched my nipples and I feel they are in normal state

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Hi Craig, I think my troubles are related your message. Can you get deeper in your workaround with LFOs?