Thinking of getting rid


Thanks for all the comments. As usual a nice and diverse set of opinions.

I think I’ll leave it for a while to see if I miss it, as per Adam and others suggestions, which is effectively what I’m doing with it currently.

When looking back, I’ve always been this way with drum machines after a while.

If I do get rid, I’ll grab something bonkers like the Lyra in its place.


I just had a massive rinse on mine. Putting through the Analog Heat… into the BITRAZER… and HELL YEAH!!!

Back to the OP (sorry for jacking this thread a little) it all depends on needs and wants but you can’t beat having a dedicated drum machine in a set up.


Oh man, I’ve been back and forth about getting rid of my AR for a long time as well but recently it’s turned into more of a 3-4 mono synth and sample trigger monster. It’s safe for now :okej:.

Really love the simplicity and sound of the DVCO machine - especially layered with more traditional synths. And the separate outs are important to me, too.


I must admit that I do like what it does to samples. And the master distortion…


For the moment I prefer Amp Overdrive and Compressor’s distortion with high Make Up Gain. Maybe I should try low AMT (Distortion Amount).

And yes Dual Vco machine is really interesting. Only 3…i tried a single cycle saw wave on 8 tracks, using OT’s arps, really interesting. Hopefully A4 F2 filters are similar, so I can make a 12 voices synth, sampling A4 saw as scwf.


As someone wise on this board (I think) once said:

“I’ve got 2 words about what I’ve learned over the years dealing with synths - never sell”



On only 1 track I really enjoyed sounds locks with Perf, or changing parameters not lasting. In live mode, changes last. You can reload the parttern. A lot of tricks possible. (velo mode, aftertouch…)

Was there an AR 1 voice challenge? :content:


Amp overdrive is wonderful actually.

Theres so many reasons to keep it.


Sage advice!

I’m away at the moment and only have the OT with me. When I get back I’m probably going to go against what I said earlier, and give the Rytm some exclusive time.


I use the amp overdrive as a sound design tool and the distortion as a mixing tool. I also like high compressor makeup as a sound design tool: using scenes to turn it way up and back down again.

They took all they learned distorting the AR they put it in a single unit and voila Heat.

Its also great having OB to send your DAW tracks through it.


Hey what details about it are you thinking is bananas?
Like retrig with velocity ?
Sounds interesting!!!


Indeed. It really showed that AR was way more than a drum machine.

I even made a playlist at some point, totally forgot about that!


Do you think we can make a new one, 1 pattern with AR, track 3 and 4 only (1 voice), + Fx track ?


Let’s do it @sezare56


You first. :smile:


Thinking of selling my Rytm MK1 as well and buying a Tanzbär 2. Rytm’s sound engines are very dull without the overdrive and distortion.

And I’m certainly the only person in the universe who thinks that samples played through Rytm not sounding good. Just my personal perspective though.

Also I can’t be arsed anymore to fill the Rytm with samples and work with the limited sample manipulation capabilities. Instead I just use Simpler which takes no time and leads to happy accidents far more.

I like the work flow of Rytm and Scenes and Perf Mode is cool but it’s not enough to keep me happy when the sound isn’t right. I guess I’ll put it up for sale here on Elektronauts after returning from holidays. Hopefully my last Elektron device will find a happy new home. I tried lots of their products but I guess this company just isn’t for me.


Main critic : sample End instead of Length.
Really boring for sample chains, especially single cycle ones. Why not an option, as they did change it for Digitakt?

Lfo to velocity / aftertouch for more modulation!


I sold my TB2 for an AR2. Too many launch firmware issues, including MIDI clock drift, jitter, and refusing to properly send/receive clock depending on connections.

If you think the Rytm’s sound engines are dull, you’re going to be disappointed with the TB2. The TB2 lacks impact, and when I played it on a club sound system, I definitely felt like I needed to push it through an overdrive circuit or some compression to make it actually thump. The master output gain was a little low for my liking, too.


Thanks for your info. I’ll test a TB2 and see how things are going. If I don’t like it the Rytm will go anyway and i’ll stay in the box for drums. Saves me money.