Thinking of getting rid


Interesting post. I’m completely leaning the other way and I’m probably going to win the current auction I’m bidding on.

I have two OT’s… both mk1 … I want a RYTM for a few reasons. Analog drums and separate outs are biggies for me. Also, having a dedicated device for drum synthesis interests me a great deal; something I missed since parting with my Machinedrum.

I think you are covered with what you have. It sounds like you can coax great drum stuff with the A4 so…

Personally, I like the suggestion earlier; put it away and see how you feel. Seems weird “Why would I put something away that I’ve paid for and I can use to add to the track I’m working on?” you know!? But, it’s the only true test.


haha, you’re such a great salesman for the gear you’re selling! :rofl:

but I will agree with you that the claps are pretty terrible. I usually use samples there. as I said before though, samples through the filter/distortion/compressor are excellent.

the thing is… no drum machine is 100% perfect. I find I love/hate some features and sounds on one, and love/hate other features and sounds on another. same as with synths, really. so the solution for me is to try and find the ones I like best and use the parts I like from each to craft an overall sound. which will likely then be unique, right? seems like a good thing :man_shrugging:


If you happy with Drums, a Virus TI will give you a lot of territory to cover using the OTs Midi Tracks. I used to have one years ago and recently re-bought one and it’s an incredibly versatile synth. You can also dedicate a part as an FX unit and the FX section is superb. Years ago I sold it because I couldn’t get the TI bit working which frustrated me, but eventually I’ve realised there just isn’t another hardware multi-timbral synth made that covers so much territory. It’s definitely my favourite bit of gear at the moment :slight_smile:

I’ve never owned a Rytm, but probably will at some point just to have done the dark trinity, but it’s never been high on lust list.

I don’t think you will get bored of drums on the OT, using sample chains you can have access to a huge amount of drum samples for sound and p-locking. I had a 2nd OT for quite a few years as a dedicated Drum Machine loaded with Sample Chains. If you do get bored you can just change the samples. I’ve got a Digitakt now to offload some Drum Duties and it does sound a bit punchier, but they both work well together although I still prefer the OT.


Why should I lie? Honesty lasts…!!


I wouldn’t sell the Rytm. Put it away for a minute. Learn some new stuff. Come back to it. You might be surprised.


Box it. If in 6 months time you have forgotten about it, sell it.

Or in 6 months time get it out and play it. If you are inspired keep it. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately it is not as simple with people. :smile:


Sell it before it drops too much value, if you regret re-buy at a lower price


I’d also sell it if I were you. The OT can do crazy things with one-shot samples or drum loops. And if analog sounds are already covered by the A4, I’d recommend the po-32 as a fun little portable device to feed some digital drum loops to the OT.


I respect that, somebody will love it anyway. it’s only the same as every other Rytm out there. Better to get it to somebody who already knows it’s flaws, every box has some


My Advice is to use the Rytm for drums. With its synthesis + samples capacity it is more flexible and powerful for drums than the Octatrack. It is called Drumcomputer for a reason. The octatrack excelles more as a remix Tool to bring different instruments together: pads, melodies, vocal snippets, field recordings and also drums. It is a very different aporoach. At least that is my point of view.


I agree with the above. Good as the octatrack is, I too have a dedicated drum machine. Though not a Rytm.


Most people inform theirselves before buying. They read reviews and search yt/sc for sound examples. If someone wants to aquire a device he will do it anyway (GAS ;))…


i find discussion of the overlap between OT and AR totally mystifying. AR offers huge capabilities for actual drum synthesis which OT doesn’t at all. both are great.


Not true. :slight_smile:
OT without samples (amplifying inputs > noise)

I didn’t use filters, so you have even more drum synthesis possibilities.


I don’t understand this term “replace it”

You just got the OTmk2 as I understand it- it’s a new toy, it’s nice to favor the new shiny thing. The Rytm is obviously a favorable tool in your arsenal. Hold onto it, it’ll be useful later I’m sure.

But if you’re so enamored with the OT why do you need to hunt down something else?


I keep forgetting the retrig feature of the RYTM, it’s no wonder my beats are getting stale… I’m going to have to try mine out again before I think about selling mine…


One could also recreate this via midi with the OTs midi arp and another synth tho, no?


Well boring… I don’t know if that is the way I would describe the AR…

I found out that I have to put in some extra effort to get some great sounds out of it

Let’s say I construct 15 patterns… Only one or two are awesome in my ears inclusive the sounds

About the basedrum… Although there are different models I just got sometimes the feeling that they have the same basic tone… nothing bad at all, but not boring…

it’s just some slight changes of parameters with a huge impact on the general sound and as a matter of fact on the kit as a whole when played together

I see the AR more as an orchestra than a drummachine

But if the OP don’t like it anymore: sample the shit out of it and sell it


Well, I won the bid and now I’m waiting to receive it. The manual was digested and understood over the weekend. I’ve waited a long time to have an analog drum machine and from all the videos and considering my current set up I hope, I think, I know it definitely maybe PERFECT!!!

One thing I am super stoked about is the individual outs. It was difficult to manage with the OT 4 outs and 8 tracks. A dedicated out, to a dedicated effect or 2, then into the mixer. Really looking forward to pairing it up with my Octatrack.