Thinking of getting rid


As much as I enjoy the RTYM, the tectonic kicks, the dual vco’s, the grit it adds to samples, I’m not using it as much, now I have the octatrack mk2.

I’m finding more and more that the octatrack covers drums and if I want to get weird, the a4 can cover that.

I have the octatrack mk2, Shuruthi 1, analog 4, mother 32 and a dsi mopho is en route. As well I use an ipad, and own live suite.

My questions then, are as follows -

If I was to say goodbye, what would replace it?

Will I get bored of drums from the OT? (subjective)

What would you do?



If money is not an issue, keep them all.

OR sell me the Octatrack…lol

Seriously, what is your main concern?

I can say, I got rid of Octatrack after having it a week because I wanted to get the Digitakt and Digitone as a pair.

Which I am happy with.

However, I have come to the point with my other hardware, Mac, and iPad, I can NOW really use the OT for loop playing, and to consolidate audio signal output thur a central location with FX.

I am not sure if that is relevant to your post.


Haha no, but it’s useful.

It’s the drums. I can do it all on the OT apart from the analog side (which the a4 can cover).

I could grab something like the XD to replace it, or something else I guess.


Personally I plan on getting some eurorack drum modules, which is the only thing that I would go into eurorack for, because it gives me a bit more freedom to create my own sort of drum machine. I’ll sequence them with an Elektron machine. And I definetly want a Pulsar-23.


AR can also be an 8 voices poly synth (single cycle wav and analog filters). I really enjoy dual vco.
I had it a couple of weeks ago, keeper for me. I was planning to use A4 for drums too, but I’m too lazy to edit and save enough individual sounds on A4, and I mainly want to use it a synth. So with AR, I’m free to do so.

Tempest? Maybe too similar, I guess you want something else…


Yeah tempest was something I was considering, but then the more I looked into it the more overlap there is.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the thing but for the little I now use it I’m wondering if I should look in another direction

And programming drums on the a4 is a dream mate!


Sounds like you don’t need to replace it, then. Your OT is the replacement. Plenty of samples of analog drum machines out there.

My suggestion, put it in the box for a few months, write music without it, see how you feel, then reexamine. If you miss the sound, try sampling the Rytm, then put it back in the box for a few months, etc, repeat.

I did the same thing and don’t really use Rytm anymore. OT and AK are good enough for my drum needs.
I also have a Drumatix and TT-606 just because I like using them live, but for studio work, I have gotten by using samples of them in OT or a DAW.


I enjoyed it, but the saving process in the soundpool with a Multi Map is not that dreamy! I also want it free for synth things.

So long! :smile:


what’s the rush? GAS for something else that keeps you from productivity?


I get it. I’ve been without my AR for about a month now. it had an issue with the pads so had to go back to home base. in the meantime, I’ve been doing just fine with sampled drums in the OT. BUT I also have other options for analog percussion (drumatix, syncussion, drm1, dfam) as well as several monophonic synths which are great fun to make percussion sounds on too. sounds like you’re basically taking the latter approach with the A4. and if that works best for you, great!

that being said, my AR will be back on monday and I’m super stoked. it’s just very straightforward to use and there’s certain sounds in there I love. plus playing samples back through an analog filter, with overdrive, is just the best.


Plus compressor! :smiley:


Ditch the Rytm, its the most boring one from elektron. If someone wants to buy one, mine is up in the sells forum…


What a seller! :slight_smile:
Could you elaborate?
Selling DT too? Do you plan to buy an other analog drum machine?
I had MBase11, I tried it half an hour.


I find boring to be a subjective term.

Rytm is the only Elektron with retrig on a synth engine. Dual VCO retrig is bananas.
This kind of detail could influence the sound of entire albums.
One could build the distinct sound of a career out of this one quirk.



its just my 2 cents. When I sit in front of the ARMKII I get bored after like 30 secs. I find it static to use, lifeless, uninspiring, the sound is quite “lame”, claps are absolute shit, there is no pressure in the bass drum or you use dist and comp to the max and the noise floor is so effing high I dont like to listen it anymore, even my nord drum 1 appeals more to me… anyway, also selling my DT (even worse that thing), I bought the Erica Synths Techno System, exactly my type of (drum) machine… but each to her/his own…


can you speak more on this (applications/methods). im a new rytm owner (totally love it so far) and am intrigued by the gravity of this assertion :slight_smile:


(Temporarily setting this clip to unlisted.)

As with most things, I think it’s a matter of the time you invest, but if you feel something gets you there faster, then all the more power to you. :slight_smile:


I have a rytm but to be honest it rarely gets played for months on end. Thought about selling it but can’t bring myself to breaking the dark Trinity.


I do some weeks NI Maschine, then some weeks OT, then some Weeks Rytm, then Tempest for a while, then i start from the beginning, untill i add the next thing, and the rotation is less frequent. Up to today i cant say that i dislike any of the drum engines, each one of them is great. I would regret to selling them…

I would like to have a 64 track drum machine, to have more possible kits at my finger tips, in that regard NI Maschine is really killer. (Currently my favourite again, till i miss the analogue sound of RYTM.)


Mostly useful for goa bass lines… :wink: