The Rytm lover thread


I thought it would be time to open up a rytm lover thread instead of the usual hater threads around here.
I think elektron have made a FANTASTIC machine that for me at least is nearly perfect. (just a second lfo please) :wink:

Who else loves it? :slight_smile: :heart:


Yep !!!

last night ended up another late one… Loaded some fresh samples which should be seen as a proper extension of the synth rather than an add on and layering gives the heavyest drums I’ve come across all in one instrument… :slight_smile:

Feeling possitive about it.


Loving my Rytm. I’ve even named it, he’s called Rashad (RIP) :heart:

A turntable, an ecler mixer, AR and multi-fx, endless fun to be had.


Big up for the name, Teklife forever!

I’ve got a feeling I’ll love mine as well, as soon as I actually take the jump and buy one.


As a year long owner I can honestly say I’ve never had so much fun and quirky happy mistakes with a a piece of gear. The level of control and precision within this thing is absolutely mind blowing, and the sound is sure to rock boats. I am so happy to say this is my first Elektron box, and surely not the last! All the fuss about OB and additional machines are merely extra layers to the already decadent cake that is the Rytm.


I love my AR !

Sample chains + analog machine = BOOOOOOM

I add it a beatstep for controlling the perf (with encoder) and scene (with pad) in order to have more direct control, fcking great for the price (even the encoder are not the best).


funny to see this topic only got a few reactions

I love my AR, and I love my A4.
the sound, the speed I can play with it and change tention in the sound
the size, the way it is build, the knobs the buttons the pads… I love it all.

the more I use it, the more I love it.

I have no experience with other analog and standalone equipment, I come from Maschine and Ableton… but for me this is much better.


It’s a :+1: from me.


Got it for a week now. I’m having much fun with it.

I love how easy it is to get started (especially if you own an A4 …). I mean, tweak a few things for the first sound or two, hit play and see where you go !

Overdrives and compressor are really great.

Didn’t use them yet, but I see a lot of possibilities out of the separate outputs.

It’s my first hardware drum machine, and I just love to be able to make a whole songs just with this black box …


coming from an mpc, i love my AR as much as i bought a mono machine few month later, they are great piece of hardware! i m ready to sell my virus ti now! can t understand people saying AR is not good! for me it s perfect i bought it for a stand alone machine and it make the job!!


Hi all.
Don’t be jealous but I think I’m a new AR (MKI) lover. We are 11 now. :smile:

I absolutely don’t regret my MD.
I read AR was the best Elektron if only one…but OT will be there for ever ! A4 too of course.
Where is the Dark Trinity Lovers thread ? :content:

I recorded this after a week with AR…

2 chained one bar patterns with trig conditions and single cycle saw, lfo on sample slots…
A lot of possibilities ! (even with only one lfo per track)


the high pass filter with resonance!

i use primarily breakbeats sampled from vinyl. The Rytm with it’s filters allows me to totally transform the sounds. The analog engines i use for beef or a bit of high end.

i’ve had many drum machines and the rytm is at the top!


Lover here aswell, mk1. Its more than a drum machine.

Wishlist is a 2nd lfo, a simple highpass/lowpass dj style filter for the sample parts, and remove the three toms right of basstom and make it the same machines as the bottom row.


changing the toms with the four lowest row voices would require a significant hardware overhaul. But I must admit, having twice the amt of lowest voices would make this instrument even more badass! and a 6 voice poly dual vco synth :diddly:


Mk3 :wink:


i do wonder about the creative scope for developing the tom synthesis into single VCOs or something interesting with whatever the circuity is for those tom voices


At least tom tracks are perfect for samples or noise generator !


Hehe my point exactly.


I love the rytm, super quick to come up with good drum parts and whack them into my DAW via Overbridge.

However my favourite thing to do is use the analog engines to make horrid sounds :slight_smile:


I’d like to second the second LFOs please.