The Rytm lover thread

Me exactly! :blush:

this bump made me turn on my rytm and try shifting out of chromatic mode with a pad held at a certain pressure, locking the aftertouch setting. like you can in performance mode.

IT WORKS. but the note is held and you have to retrig original note back in chromatic mode to stop.

dunno if this is in manual or commonly known, probably old news. i’m just happy it still surprises me, another reason to love as useful performance feature


Rytm mk2 bangs :heart_eyes: Most fun live drum box I’ve used thus far…

Cut records made purely on it:

and still not got round to trying overbridge!


nice work :space_invader:

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People don’t like the Rytm, are you serious? :joy:

It’s my desert island synth for sure!


Good job on the kick drum. :+1:t6:

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Or desert island analog groovebox?

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Amazing, sounds great!

Maybe wrong thread, but how do you chain your samples? (Don’t have to answer either, I could probably do some looking, just excited and intrigued!)


That’s what I was going to say, I didn’t know AR hate was a thing?! How? Why?

AR is super fun, I have to admit it wasn’t my first choice, but now that I have one I know that it should have been.

Whatever I have dark trinity, so I can’t see me needing much more than that ever.

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Thanks. An random lfo on Sample Slots. :wink:


Yes, it’s a great drum machine (mki). So large sound possibilities thanks to engine+sample.
I loved it instantly when eard it in a friend home studio. I’ve been so impressed by the kicks that sounds exactly like I wanted. I thought it was not a good one because of the negatives posts I saw in this forum.
We should always ear the gear ourselves in view to be sure that it correspond to what we need. This last sentence seems to be evident, but a lot of my gear has been bought without having eard it in real (not video) before.


when mk1 came out, I sold my Maschine for the Rytm. I had no idea

3 weeks ago I sold my MK2 for a Digitakt.
First: I love the digitakt
But: I missed the rytm’s low end
So: I rebought it last week
lost 100 euro’s (paid more than I got for it)

fantastic maschine

Only problem, when only playing the rytm, I need the A4
when only playing A4, I need Rytm
when playing both
I am overwelmed with possibilities

But, i have time, and love to play

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In that case, let me suggest the following combos

rytm + DN
A4 + DT

A little less overwhelming perhaps?

I third that - another LFO per voice. Just one more, please.


Before that, I think Elektron needs to bring LFO designer to all post-OT devices. (Not that a second LFO wouldn’t be godsend.)

EDIT: I was just trying to place priority on something I’ve not come to consider a pipe dream.


I’d definitely prefer an lfo2, that would modulate lfo1 dest. :loopy:
(Additional lfo designer for lfo2 is even better)

I’d like Chance / Control All Chance for all Elektrons (even AD! :smile:), or just the possibility to record TRC in Live Rec, moving the knob.

I’d also like the possibility to modulate trigs velocity with the lfo(s), as you can use the Velocity Mod > more destinations…

Store actual settings as a scene, perf destination…


I had the mki and wanted sampling so I sold it and bought a DT. I missed the sound character of Rytm so much I swapped the 'takt for an mkii.

I love it.

Was going to sell it, but I am going to keep it after all. These Rytm love threads have me inspired to make time for it.

Here’s an older one, Evolver is sampled into the Rytm. Apologies if I’ve posted it before.


I love my RYTM mk1 to bits. That groove!!! That sound!!! <3

Thats all I have to say. I love you, you little piece of hardware. If you had fingers I would put a ring on it, paint a body on you and make babies!!!


Well then. I’m not sure I can top anthropomorphic copulation

But I’ll just say that while I’m impressed by very capable units like OT and Zoia, I’m programming them. Whereas with the AR I feel I’m working with it. It’s a different dynamic and I love our dynamic.

It’d be even better with a second LFO (pssstttt