The Healthy Take Down... Sugar replacement Recommendations?

What do you gals/guys suggest for replacing sugar… I tried monk fruit powder and can’t stand the after taste, and I only like honey in lemon and honey tea, don’t like it in coffee which is really what I use sugar in the most…
sooo anybody know of a good replacement?



Of course the above was a joke. Try looking up on artificial sweeteners

I use Xylitol

Do not replace it!
At the moment you are an addict, having withdrawal symptoms.
Go through cold turkey and after a while your body will no longer crave it. Or even want it.
You will loose loads of weight, at one point I was losing a pound or 2 a week.
I was strictly no sugar, not even milk -because of the lactose. I lived in a place that served up desserts every night with custard. I watched myself, walk past the dessert one night and look at it and wonder what it was for-I had no desire for it, there was no body interest in it at all.


Our society allows/encourages children to be junkies for sugar.

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Definitely recommend not replacing and just reducing gradually. Sweeteners are gross and sugar ruins good coffee anyway.


I’ve tried and have heard how sweeteners like sweet and low, equal, are not healthy but in this day and age there must be something that is at least not anti-health and nasty out there :grin:, but yeah right now I’m on a slowing down the in take kick, really just started.

how sweet do you need it to be? aloe vera extract is mildly sweet and is very good for you. purportedly.

Not only that, but the sugar industry pulled some nefarious moves in the 60s to downplay how bad it is for you.


I like sweet, I’m officially on my last box of Frosted Flakes right now and Tony the Tiger isn’t taking it well… I’m trying to get it out of my diet entirely eventually but the bottleneck of my efforts will surely be coffee/drinks…

I’ve never tried aloe vera extract thanks for the tip will look into this

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Don’t underestimate the difficulty of giving up sugar! I found it harder than tobacco, similar to coffee in the ability to give you headaches in the transition period.
I second those saying that looking for sweet substitutes isn’t the best approach. Just avoid sweet foods.


Don’t replace it. Keep what you really like, cut out the rest. Try black coffee - harsh at first but I love it and never add sugar or cream.

Also try the approach of just adding less sugar in the cases where you control the amount. Your mind/body will slowly reset what it feels is sweet.

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I tried to cut out all sugar once, it’s virtually impossible because glucose exists in so many different forms. You’re better off with a goal like: I will cut out refined sugar or I will limit my sugar intake to x amount. It will drive you crazy trying to find products that contain no sugar in any form. Sugar isn’t just the white frosty stuff on your miniwheats sad to say. Literally, it’s virtually impossible to be healthy and cut out all sugar. If your goal is to find something to go in your coffee or whatever, you can find a substitute, but for it to be sweet enough to satisfy a sugar craving is a difficult proposition. You may need to cleanse your palette or whatever you want to call it - cut out sugar for a couple weeks and before you relapse and binge on breakfast cereal switch over to something sweet enough to keep you in line, like methodone might do the trick. But I kid, let’s not make light of heroin… er sugar addiction.


I’ve pretty much just cut out added sugar entirely. What I do with coffee is use 1/4 teaspoon sugar (1 gram) and a put a small pinch of salt in the grounds. The salt rounds out a little of the bitterness and gets me more mileage for my 1/4tsp sugar.

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That’s it. Also, more important than reducing sugar, unless you consume huge amounts of pastry and sweets, is trying to eat less processed food and instead use fresh ingredients. A lot of sugar (and other crap) comes with convenience food and cheap/fast food in general. Changing those habits does a lot more good than giving up on the occasional chocolate bar or a little sugar with your coffee.


I’m detecting a pattern here :grin:

my food life is very conflicting, I don’t eat sweets, basically only eat fruit, salads, and seafood unless I’m binging on ramen for a synth… but once a month I hit up a box of Frosted Flakes and also a bowl of syrup with some pancakes in it, but when it comes to coffee or any hot drink I go to town on the creams and sweetners, it’s time to change that

Organic maple syrup is a good replacement, but if you’re really serious about quitting, maybe a sweetener isn’t the best— treat yourself to some high quality brewing kit and and freshly roasted local stuff. Really great coffee doesn’t need cream or sugar, and you may find new intricacies and complexities in the black.


I quit drinking (alcohol) and high fructose corn syrup about 2 years ago, lost 45lbs approx.

Instead of drinking soda, i drink generic laCroix all day every day and allow myself that luxury, so that i don’t drink garbage with HFCS or worse.

Just gotta get used to drinking more bland shit.

I also eat as little bread or pasta as possible, and stay away from “gluten” generally, it usually just makes me feel “bloated”


Why cut down sugar ?
Diabetes or just because you want to ?

I saw a coffee shop are adding olive oil into coffee.