The Elektron Feedback Loop: January 2021

We’re always eager to improve and to learn from our users. The Elektron Feedback Loop gives us an opportunity to get to know your thoughts and feelings about us, and the wider industry. And to bring that info into Elektron so that we dream up even grander ideas and design even better machines.

Everyone who takes part will be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win a Digitakt, with a bunch of runners-up prizes too!

Note - The survey is now closed. Thanks for everyone’s feedback. The lucky winners will be announced in due course.


new CEO confirmed?

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i answered all the questions honestly, non-bias and elektron seemed to always be in the majority of my selections.

good to know the brand i love is still solid and looking to continue its rep.


new Marketing initiatives confirmed !



In the case where one doesn’t associate an attribute to a brand it might be nice to have a none option

It’s inconsistent on the question about Owning Elektrons

I own X Elektrons, I’ve parted with none

So the question about what you own today (X) and what you previously owned (nil) has no obvious logic - so replying in a way which contradicts the previous question seems inconsistent - I tried to scroll past, but the survey made me choose - it needs a better n/a option than the present “I have never owned Elektron Boxes” - the other option is to stipulate to re-enter the same as the question before - something’s amiss as it stands imho


Indeed, identical answers to the two questions,
as if I had had and bought the same units (it happens but not to me).


I made it clear I’m all for innovative hardware :slight_smile:


BTW, there’s an opened ended question for everyone to request the re-release of MnM/MD, the creation of a new OT, midi arps/song modes, and to have more LFOs/filters on some boxes :wink:


If the next Elektron box is just called the “Song Mode” I’ll know who to blame…

And by “blame” I really mean “celebrate” because I would buy that so fast.


Snap, I have only asked for easier definition of external instruments (renaming CCs, saving instrument configurations, this kind of thing)…

I forgot to ask the to be able to reroute MIDI tracks to internal audio tracks, that would have been ace as well, and answer to your need of more LFOs :slight_smile:


I second the request to have “none” as an option. I don’t really consider any of the listed brands to be sustainable for example.


I like to see this kind of thing, also of note that out of all the gear I own @Elektron are one of the very few manufacturers* who care about their customers enough to have their own forum.


C&G and Squarp being others whose gear I use


Yep! The only manufacturer that I could associate with a community in the survey


Honestly I think community is one of the biggest things elektron has to offer. Obv they make amazing products, but truly unique ideas are so hard to come by.
Theres plenty of amazing unique innovative instruments out there, but being able to ask questions of the community before buying is pretty much the reason I’ve spent more money on elektron than any other.


Community came up a lot in my answers as well. It has kept me around and using Elektrons for over a decade now.

I said I wanted quantized (edit: sample) recording and input monitor panning options for Digitakt since that’s my go-to device these days. I’m not one to win stuff but a second Digitakt would be a lot of fun.


I’d like to have seen none as an option too, for sustainability I did check Elektron as their gear is built to last, is supported with firmware and parts long after release, so in that sense far more sustainable than some of the others.


Just did the quiz. Found it very enjoyable to fill in. Elektron are very quality , sustainable (all the amazing software updates) and community focused. These are for sure their strengths. I just would like reliability primarily addressed to probably everyones biggest gripe , things like Overbridge being an issue. Overall they are best at what they are doing and have carved out a niche in the market that no one else could think about filling. I hope they take my comments on board about creating a new premium VA/Wavetable machine in the mix and maybe the mixer/FX idea that many of us have been lusting after. Definitely fill in the survey i had a lot of fun doing it :smiley: it made me realise why i really like companies like Elektron , Moog (worker owned) , Novation , Make Noise , Korg and Sequential in particular.


For sure , most of the instruments i use regularly have an active online community. The only exception to that is Make Noise and they have fantastic learning resources which takes it place and many people on MW helping you along the way!


I did find the social responsibility question a bit vague, if it meant trying to curry favour with certain political views then personally I find that a bit cringe worthy and virtue signalling, it can turn me off of a brand.


I took the survey, I found the social responsibility question vague as well, although my mind went straight to Behringer as the antithesis of socially responsible due to various scandalous public behaviors :man_shrugging: