The Digitakt Feature Request Thread


could you point me (us) to this, please? thanx a lot


feature request, from Digitone manual:

LAYER Makes it possible to trig two or more tracks with the same note from the sequencer or the key- board. For example, if you on track 1 set LAYER to a ect track 2 then every note you play on track 1 also plays on track 2, e ectively playing two Sounds at the same time. Tracks that are layered to the active track have lled squares in the parameter representation on the screen.

would be cool in Digitakt too i guess


Yeah I saw the video too. So for the same money as a Digitakt you can get a box with twice the processing power. Makes me wonder why the Digitakt didn’t get more power as well. Makes for easier expansion later on unless they need a reason to say expansions not possible due to processing power limitations.


Probably because it didn’t need it? Sampling is less processor-intensive than synthesis. Also re price keep in mind that the DT has hardware that the DN doesn’t, like larger RAM.


That’s true, good point! I hope it doesn’t need it. Would be a big bummer if we can’t get the Digitone filters or other stuff due to lack punch.


That’s pretty cool stuff. You can sort of do this with neighbour conditions I think. Not the same but might get you close-ish.


Please increase the 128 samples per project limit if possible. Bumping it up to 256 would be nice!


More than anything I hope they enable stereo monitoring before I get my DN(by like 02/26)- don’t even really need the send FX on the incoming channel- just want to sample the DN on it without having to change my audio configuration



I wish


USB 2.0 can easily handle 10+ streams of audio


10+ ?
That’s not much more than 8 voices
So in theory Elektron could pack it with DSP for 50 voices, but the box would hit the Overbridge USB 2 bandwidth limit way before that.
This to me seems like the major limiting factor here?
How’s USB 3 :thinking:

Edit: I can confirm what you all already new. I am stupid.
Voice count is irrelevant, what is relevant is how many audio streams we are sending through USB 2, as @man909 already pointed out.
So in theory Elektrons DSP 50 voice fm monster could exist, provided these voices are mixed down in the hardware and sent through USB 2 in around plus or minus 10 audio streams?


Request. Reload kit on pattern select.


I have to say that the audio through and the 1-pole bandpass-ish filter thing from Digitone would be fantastic. Even just the latter would be so good for sound sculpting and mixing.


I’m sure USB 2.0 can handle more than 10…was just using that as the baseline because that’s what we would need (maybe 12 if the FX bus is included). USB 2.0 probably can handle 80 tracks at a time at 48khz if the drivers are tight enough. In theory.

USB 3 can handle 10x as many in theory as USB 2.0.



+1 for bandpass here


It’s most likely been said before, but I’d love to have more filter options. Why the filter in the Reverb Page is more complex than the Filter Page itself? Having that same HPF+LPF in the main filter page would make a huge improvement for me.


I am not sure where to post this question:

I have seen various threads talk about how one can midi loop a cable out of the Digitakt and then back in to make use of the midi tracks LFO’s on the sample tracks.

So, if one had a Digitone as well as a Digitakt, could one just take the midi out of the Digitone into the midi in of the Digitakt and dedicate the 'Tone’s 4 midi tracks to the Digitakt, and then use the Digitakt’s 8 midi tracks for other midi gear?


I think we do not need a sound pool. but it would be nice if we just could load sounds from the drive+e to trigs, as we can already switch the samples on p-locks. therefore why not copy over the parameters from the sound and change the other setting to the same on the trig like in the sound. if you load a sound and don’t assign it to a track, it is in ram loaded. the sample name is most of the time unfortunately different from the sound name.


well i reconsidered, it might be better to have a sound pool and assign the sound to the trig, but if not ,they could at least give us an option to load a sound on the trick and change as well the different parameters (creating more p-lock on the same trig) so the sample actually sounds liek in the sound :slight_smile:


Has anyone said time-stretching yet?