The Digitakt Feature Request Thread

I agree! bandpass filters are great. Series and parallel of two filters is the best!

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Pornamento if it doesn’t have it


I think you can, after changing sound in your second pattern, export sound in sound manager, and then re-import it to your other “song” patterns at the same track number to overwrite the previous version

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Yep, yep – +1 to the suggestion Stin made.

I’d like to add to Stin’s list a LP+Notch, like I used to have on my Nord Lead 2X.


Midi retrig would be a neat addition!


A synth engine :sweat_smile:


You silly, dawg

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  • Ability to sample at lower sample rates.
  • Any synthesis elements, sampler capabilities, or effects that could help the sampler become more of a modern ASR10.


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What’s a “nit” you ask? Something tiny, a little annoyance, or a little bug, or a little tiny improvement that would make you go “ahhhh”.

I’m starting this because the “Feature” thread has become a wish list of more major capabilities, and/or what some future device might bring… Whereas here, I just wanted to assemble the little things that Elektron could knock out easily (no changes in HW, no major changes in SW…), that we could see in a 1.02 or 1.03 release.

So keep it small, peeps… :mouse2:

Here’s my list:

  • Clear All in name editor - perhaps [FUNC] + [PAGE] - already there! as [FUNC] + [CLEAR]

  • Quick Mute while in Grid Record - I spend all my time in Grid Record, and don’t see why [FUNC] + Trig couldn’t do Quick Mute here, too.

  • SRC page, TUN parameter should lock to multiples of 12 when holding down [FUNC], not multiples of 24. Or maybe semitones? Or maybe someway to have both options?!?!?!

  • Metronome page could use the Data Entry knobs rather than having to navigate it like a menu.

  • When adjusting Length per Track, and making a track length longer, bump M.Len if it is less. When I’m extending a track to be two or more measures, I want the M.Len that long as well.

  • :bug: Reload Ptn restores the level of a track in the UI, but not in the sequencer: Save a pattern, adjust the level of a track really quiet with the Level/Data knob, Reload the pattern. The LEV value is restored in the display, but the track is still quiet until you touch the knob.

  • Add Load to the Pattern menu: Pressing it should bring up a scrolling list of all 128 patterns in the project. I go to the effort to name the dang things - it would be nice to be able to see a list of them all… So late in the set I don’t have guess “Was that in Bank F? or G?..”

  • Put sounds in the +Drive for all the factory samples. Otherwise, hard to know what is there without the tedious load 'em up in the project, and build a sound around 'em. – Or at least for all the one-shot samples (in Oscillators), since preview doesn’t play enough to tell what it’s like.

  • or Preview a sample in the sample browser - perhaps with the [PLAY] key - already there! as [FUNC] + [YES]


Clear all in name editor for that name? Just one? If so, just use func clear. That works already


Excellent! Thanks!


can’t you preview samples with “function + yes”?


Another one down!


The original Arp Odyssey filter is a 12db filter.
TB303 filter is 18db (I’m pretty sure)

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pressing function+trig in grid mode puts down a trigless lock.
however, toggling mute mode (func+bank) should be possible in grid rec, imo.

edit: or not! It’s tricky… e.g. if that worked, and all tracks are muted, and you are in grid record mode and had mute mode active, the trig buttons would look exactly like an empty track;

Scale per Track
More options on Conditional Locks


Yeah. I’m just saying I’d like to see a 12db filter and a band pass filter type. I’m fond of the 12db filter.

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The filters on the Digitakt are not modeled after a certain analog filter. And they are actually 12dB.

I wouldn’t say they sound like a Moog or TB at all, they sound like a Digitakt filter (hehe!) - they do however have some ladder-ish characteristics due to the saturation introduced in various stages.

You can actually change the tone of the filter slightly if you change the sample playback volume. (SRC Page)

(Side-note, when I write saturation I don’t mean noticeable distortion like an overdrive. It’s just some carefully tuned non-linearities which make it sound nice n rich)


Well thanks for the info! Any plans for a bandpass or notch?

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scale per track would rock - generally I’m happy with the whole pattern being the same length - and then I’ve usually got just one track with longer, slower notes on it.