The day after Cenk goodbye

What about next strategies ok elektron after hard goodbye of Cenk?

Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of a Buyout…

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Perhaps Ableton. Involvements in push 3. I’m freestyling and very bad at it. :slight_smile:

What’s the point of speculations anyway?

Hehe! A new day, make music!


Are you the new elektron CEO?


I humbly suggest the next (or best?) strategy would be for us to turn our gaze lovingly toward our still-awesome Elektron instruments and make more music (or feel joy in the attempt).

After all, I suspect that’s what Cenk would want us to do.

This isn’t meant as a snarky response, by the way. Cenk’s departure is a big shock and, as a community, we need to grieve. Maybe this thread is a form of grief but I’ve also observed how easily idle speculation about Elektron’s future can spiral down and become divisive.

Also, as Elektronauts, if we’ve learned one thing over the years, it’s that the company appears to have better-than-Apple control over the flow of information into their market. If Cenk’s departure is indicative of anything that might affect their existing customers, we’ll only hear about when they’re ready.


In business changes are always for good.

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He didn´t die, you know? He left the company, yes that´s sad, but it´s not the hugest drama ever. Whatever his reasons are, are his personal choice, and whatever direction Elektron will go, there´s nothing we can do about that. There´s life besides Elektron and Elektronauts. Time to live. And i am pretty damn sure, Cenk does think in this way too.


Something tells me that there will be no new big product announcement in 2021, but there will be something totally new in 2022.

There will be probably some new firmware updates here and there along this year.

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@pulsn He didn´t die, you know?

With respect, I think you underestimate how emotionally invested some of us are in this community or at least those that connect the most public face of the Elektron crew with the thrill of joining the bandwagon.

Personally, I felt Cenk represented a slightly more genuine (innocent, maybe?) time before the near ubiquity of electronic music instrument influencers and his persona was inextricable from my sense of Elektron’s culture. I suspect his being a talented, working musician strongly added to the confidence we all feel in the instruments we’ve bought.

Isn’t it fair to imagine that his departure would leave some of us feeling slightly unmoored? Not forever and without melodrama of course but just for a time, at least.


A tragic moment of the company was when Daniel Hansson passed away.


No, i am not underestimating this, i am fully aware of this and i adressed this in my posting above. My opinion.


Yes that’s for sure, he is the man behind MD and MnM and I still think those are the best products Elektron ever made together with the Octatrack.

Unfortunately this event was unpredictable.


Perhaps the mods could get a grip on this, as there are now several threads all focused on pretty much the same things being discussed.


So, who is actually left from the founders? Who owns now Elektron Music Machines? I just know of Daniel Troberg (now ASM) and Daniel Hansson. And i know of that swedish venture capital company investing in the company.

I think it was a raw and painful separation but based on a different vision of the future or maybe because in general trust more used machines than what sell new machines… then I think honestly there will be something new about a Daw elektron that will absorb overbridge and a new system to upgrade the OS for a fee. perhaps it will be useful to better distinguish the products from each other and avoid crosses. honestly every machine today has a sequencer while perhaps more distinction and less crossing would be needed to sell more machine e more integration… I see a new line of products in arrive… every machine must have a vocation not all in every machine…

Another DAW?

Yes also like universal audio with luna daw… only if you have the hardware. Linked to hardware

Anders Gärder was the second cofounder he left Elektron he joined TE

Mikael Räim was the third cofounder, he left Elektron I think he is with Volvo Cars

The current owner is Jonas Hillman, he was also the CEO, but I think a new CEO has joined Elektron recently, Andreas Liffgarden


Ah, yes:

Google tells this:
|Jonas Hillman|Owner, Chief Executive Officer & Board Member|||
|Ann-Sofie Strang|Chief Financial Officer|

and three more on the board.

Equity private backed.

Yeah most probably a Private Equity is injecting the cash.

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