The best Zoom recorder for your Digitakt: H4n Pro vs. H5 vs. H6


IMakes sense - i’ve an old H4N and the new H1N … no doubt better connectivity in the former but H1N has seen a lot more time slipped into the side of a bag recording whilst walking around strange cities to pick up odd noises and ambience. Fits the bill for me as a cheap ‘hit the button and go’ recorder.

The great thing about all of these recorders is spontaneity in my view and how good the recordings are; aside from my own handling noises. Funny that I could probably do the same thing with my phone but never do!

I never would have thought of myself as a field recorderist-ophile … but getting a lot of fun when travelling to inconspicuously record; whether on a subway train in Shanghai, in a field of birdsong in France or should a jazzband appear in a bar in wherever.

Anyway … drifting off topic!


You’re def. not drifting out of topic: using my iPhone to capture sounds while travelling (mainly Africa and Scandinavia) got me hooked. Sequencing those sounds on the DT was the logical next step. Now I feel that I want to step up my game - not just jam with the DT but get higher quality sounds. I love the spontaneity of dedicated hardware.

And I like redundancy: filming with the iPhone, recording sound with the H5 and injecting sound from the Zoom to the iPhone are the kind of stuff I want to do. Who knows: maybe something like the OP-Z will help me sequence pictures and videos. We’ll see.


Several orders of magnitude higher quality/price than a zoom, but had to share this smokin deal on a studio devices recorder. CAD is at 75 cents to the USD right now too.


A wise man once told me that the best field recorder is the one you’ll use.


Fortunately, being over 40 years old my Hz hearing range capability is getting more limited every year.
I’m going to save a bundle not needing high spec equipment that only teenagers and dogs can hear :grin:


Anyone check out the Zoom L-12?

It’s a bit more $ but appears to have all the pros of the portable units (except portability…), plus many more tracks, multitrack IF, simultaneous card/USB recording, plus you can use it as a live mixer, multiple headphone mixes etc… Seems like a great choice esp. if you have a lot of outboard midi gear controlled by DT - you can run everything through the L-12 to record DT+midisynths multitrack.


Did you try it? I’d really like to read a first-hand account.


The L-12? Not yet but i’m getting closer to pulling the trigger. Should probably unload some other gear first…


Cool! Keep us posted when you do.


It’s a pity that multi-track recorders stopped incorporating midi sync technology - particularly strange now that everything is digital and companies tried to make it happen in presumably the far more awkward age of tape.
How difficult would it be to have a fixed MTC track in each project of infinite length as required, against which all others were slave-synced?
Jump to any bar, loop sections, copy and paste to bar, sync with other machines … would be great functionality if available.


Zoom 12 is unbalanced, somebody was complaining about that on gerslutz…


So true! it’s like MIDI sync has become rocket science.


have want this for a time.
saving up my cereal tokens until
enough for this.


Saw that as well, but honestly for desktop recording of line-level gear w/decent cables I don’t think it would be an issue, at least not for me. In any case for the convenience at that price I don’t think it will bother me. There are other ways to deal with noise.


Good to know… Do you have a tip ? How do you deal w/ noise ?


Just picked up a Spire studio myself and I’m surprised this thing hasn’t gotten much attention on this forum. Nice compact form factor, easy to use, and the sound quality is definitely up to par for me.


I agree, plus for me, it’s dedicated to recording jams on the desk. I have a zoom but I like to take it places and I hate connecting and disconnecting stuff constantly. It’s very simple and looks really cool on the desk as a bonus.

Just hitting New Song, Sound Check, then Record gets you recording super quick. I was even thinking it could make a good quick loop sampler for loading to the Octatrack or Digitakt too. Just connect my phone and then transfer the samples using SRC or whatever.

The marketing is all geared toward singer song writer types with an acoustic guitar and singer. There are no bells and whistles for producers, but it’s a great dedicated stereo recorder in my eyes. One purpose, keeps it simple, and does what I need. Nice to see someone else using it like I do :slight_smile:


So true!


but where are they ? not on TV, not on the radio, not in the back of my truck ? so where ? :sunglasses:


Going to check out the zooms tomorrow for similar purpose, Recording OT or DN jams on the road, plus better field recordings in foreign lands. Fun.