The best Zoom recorder for your Digitakt: H4n Pro vs. H5 vs. H6


The Zoom H6 lacks a “quick delete” button or menu shortcut which can become a distraction while working.


That’s smart! Keep us updated.
ps: where will you travel?


I didn’t know that. Thx for the feedback Bits!


My work takes me all over! Hong Kong, london, Boise, in dallas now, India week after next. Alas hotels all sound pretty much the same…


Lucky you! But i get what you say about hotels. Invest in a powerbank & you’ll be able to jam with your zoom & your Digi outside, in a park or on the beach.


Got the h5, tested at the city tavern, downtown dallas. All is well.


Love my h6, Only had it a month I think. recorded my DT, Circuit Mono Station in one recording. At a show Mac, DT and audience reaction. It’s also low latency interface and works of using your iPhone charger wall port if you don’t want to waste battery. It’s been well worth it because I need options from podcasting, live show, recording music at a Starbucks H6 gives you many different applications.


Great to hear.


One nice little thing about the H4n Pro is that it hass some bass/guitar/vocal effects.


One good thing about the h6 is that it’s a better recorder :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


In terms of overall features you mean? Well, that depends on what features you’re likely to use.

It does surprise me that the effects from the h4n pro haven’t (yet) made it onto the h5 and h6. If you play bass or guitar in addition to other things, they’re really nice to have for practice and quick recording.


overall features, yes

  • 2 more channels to record
  • physical gain knobs and pads for each XLR input
  • You can detach the on device X/Y stereo microphone from the Zoom H6
  • separate line out
  • it can be powered easily from a portable etc etc

but also the converters are better ! it picks up a lot of sound details at very low db levels

now don’t get me wrong, the H4n is a very good recorder, but …


Hasn’t the latest h4n pro been updated to use the same preamps and convertors as the h6?


No idea ! But if so, it’s good news


Do the H5 & H6 share preamps & convertors too? Does the H5 sound as good as the H6, minus some features?


Hasn’t the latest h4n pro been updated to use the same preamps and convertors as the h6?

did you find something that looks like what you describe ? i didn’t … tell us what, i do have the h6, but it might be good to know for folks who don’t know which zoom to chose


I went h5 because for 80USD less I got four channels and same preamps. The h6 is significantly bigger and looks great, I don’t need fx on it. I also just got analog heat to finish a bunch of tracks because I don’t want to buy a computer for music - got burned years ago buying a g5 just before they announced intel macs - I won’t put on a life jacket again -

So intend to record from iPad through heat into h5, then back into iPad through a nice DAV Compressor. Good enough for my market, which is me.


Are there differences between the H5 and the H6 in muliti tracking and overdubbing? Tried to understand the manuals but it is not clear to me.

I want to record my DT and DN, and after that I want to overdub with my electric guitar. I do not care for effects etc. I’m leaning to the H5 but don’t know what the extra(or less) features ot the H6 are in case of multi tracking and overdubbing. Hope that H5/H6 owners can help me on the way.



If you want to do that, then it might make more sense to use a computer, an iPad, or get something like the Zoom R8.


I have a iPad, PC and Ableton Live. I want to use the H5 or H6 for mobile recording, like on holiday.