The best Zoom recorder for your Digitakt: H4n Pro vs. H5 vs. H6


i use the h6.
love it.


Another satisfied h6 user here. The interface could be better, but it’s very easy to operate. That being said, you might need two hands to operate it sometimes if you have small hands like me.

I’ve used the h6 standalone and with my iPad. I can confirm that you can use both stereo inputs with iOS devices even though the manual says you can’t (YOU CAN!) - just have to keep an eye on battery life. I also like that I could add another set of 1/4 inputs for less than $100.

…but it still won’t show up as a USB drive when you plug it into an iOS device. Thanks, Apple.


So cool! Any advice, tricks & tips about your Takt+H4n pro game?


Excellent point Papertiger! I hadn’t considered the iOS aspect - I actually like to pair my Digitakt with AUM as a hub for iOS synths and effects.

How do you do that?


List seems to get shorter: it’s now down to H6 vs. H4n Pro.
H5 users, please help :slight_smile:


I picked up an h5 recently.
The thing it has over the h4n is the ‘mic module’ can be switch out.
so whilst I’m using it mainly for stereo xy mic and 2 channels line in.
I’m going to grab the 2 channel module, so I can swap out the mic for an extra 2 line in channels when needed.

The h6 can do the same, but was more than I needed and looked a bit big.


Check out the XLR/TRS capsule:

Have seen it for $70 on Sweetwater.


True, I did some more research and discovered that the H5 and H6 have something more that matters to me a great deal: the Zoom H5 (and the H6) can be used as external mixer for iOS.


The Zoom U-24 I linked to can do the same with iOS, and can run standalone too. Just sayin’. But you already mentioned you already have an audio interface. Get an H6, and you’ll have another one too.

It all comes down to the specific I/O that you think you need, plus whatever potential expansion capabilities (if any) you’re interested in. It’s not about the H5 or the H6 anymore. It’s about knowing what you want. As I mentioned in my previous post, once you figure that out, the rest comes easy.


You nailed it Bradley! I’m gonna sleep on it and decide tomorrow. Thanks again for your help!


Nothing too specific, it’s pretty much plug-and-play. I’ve had the best results with having the digitakt full volume and controlling the gain on the recorder. You can also hard pan instruments on the digitakt and multitrack with the left right out into the zoom, which is Handy. Or if you run the digitakt in mono, plug that into the left of the zoom and in the right put an instrument of choice. I’ve been jamming a lot of Bass to it that way. Good luck!




if H6, and swap mic module for input module
these channel will be stereo file, plus
can enable -20 db dual record on this channels.
(makes two file, one loud one -20 less)

Is great bonus feature if record digitakt as I,
sometimes jam out and go loud with big effects and is signal


It’s a great feature on both the H6 and the H5. I see how useful it can be for recording jams on the DT. Thx


I ended up following your lead: I picked up a Zoom H5 this morning and ordered the EXH-6 Dual XLR/TRS Combo capsule. This way, I can not only record my Digitakt jams or use the unit as a usb audio interface, but I can add another instrument when necessary. It can be either my Digitone or the Organelle that should be in my mail in a couple of days.

Ultimately, the H6 was too big. If and when I need 6 tracks or more, I can either use my DAW or go completely DAW-less with my trusted Zoom R24.


I picked up the H5 this morning and ordered the XLR/TRS combo. Thank you so much for inviting me to think more about my needs/wants.


Glad it worked out for you. I should take my own advice more often. Maybe I’d make better decisions. :slight_smile:


Let me know if you ever need a listening hear. Exchanging points of view is what collective intelligence is all about: 2+ brains > 1


Why not the simple H1n?
Cheap, most portable and does all you need.
Besides hardware line recording, likeliest small recorder to actually slip into your pocket for out n about field recordings …


The latest (2018) version is quite good, but I like the connectivity and the form factor of the h5.
At the end of the day, it’s the same reason we choose an instrument over the others - a mix of rational specs and irrational projection.