The Behringer synth fx thread


Why does Behringer give this synth to such a stupid reviewer! Looks like he doesn’t know that much about synths! Must be the worst review I have ever seen, with mostly irritating sound! Give us some acidbleeps, heavy square subosc basslines, oldskool Boc style with Alesis midiverb!

Move that fucking envelope and filter so we can hear that it doesn’t sound normal! I have Roland mc202 and sh01a and this distorted env is not normal at all!


What did you expect mate
It’s a behringer



So after the Karp, now it’s a Barp Odyssey :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What if those 2 are in stores, I wonder what the seller will say.:thinking:


Opinion from GearNews also on the MS-101 about current status of Behringer’s synth development, and ‘over-promising’:

With no sign of the RD-808 and the promised pre-Christmas release date, the RD-909 being bumped, the UB-Xa behind schedule, Pro One and Odyssey only in pre-production it seems that Behringer has underestimated what it takes to produce this kind of synth. They need to slow down, give more realistic release estimates and focus more on getting it right than over-promising to the synth community. But it will all work itself out and 2019 may well belong to Behringer and their reimagining of classic synthesizers and drum machines.

I would add a small coda to this: at least Behringer is slowing down, and picking up the loose ends, AND hiring more pros, rather than rushing stuff to market, and cutting steps and quality. AND by the way, the list of systems listed here being well down the pipeline is substantial.


Apparently Behringer is rummaging through these synths look for new product ideas:

  • Eventide Ultra Harmonizer H3000
  • PPG Wave 2.2
  • EMU Emulator II
  • Sequential Circuits Prophet 5
  • Yamaha DX1
  • Hammond C3
  • LinnDrum

Behringer Plans 40 Eurorack Modules In The Next 2 Years, Priced at $49-99

Plans for 40 different modules! in the next 2 years at a suggested retail price between US$ 49 and 99 each! This makes a larger modular system almost a sure thing for me. Granted the Behringer models are of the most fundamental sort, but that’s super useful in a rack of even a moderate size. Add a few fancier non-Behringer models to that for some personality.


these will be probably well appreciated by modders and hackers as boss pedals are now


One synth I would definitely be excited about


Looks like another $299’er once they get it done. I’ll definetily add this to my Behringer collection.


Love it for the colour scheme alone!


That is a obscure piece of synth history there. Good on Behringer to be preserving this in a collection. I hope it is available for others, on a special basis, to play and experiment with.

While it seems unlikely they would ever recreate the Roland SH-5 in whole; i think it makes a lot of sense for Behringer to be exploring some of the more unusual 1970’s early 1980’s (or even earlier) analog synth technologies, looking for unique techniques to incorporate in new ($299) products.


This is a really good watch:

He convinced me to order an SF300 pedal (it’s so cheap I got it for free with Amazon points).


How cool for a boutique manufacturer to make this video! A ton of myth-busting here.

Edit: I bet used Behringer pedals just went up 300%.


" vintage museum " :innocent:


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Yeah, I agree. I like him more and more after watching this series. He got accused of ripping off designs himself actually (and got a lot of hate on a guitar forum I used to frequent), but seems like a genuinely nice guy.


I’ve been waiting for the one i ordered for quite a while - also going to snag the UV300 vibrato for gtr/bass - heard one pushed into a fuzz and it was incredible

I’m also curious to see how much (the apparently large amount) clean boost is to be had for lifting levels of quiet battery powered devices such as monotrons etc when you don’t use a mixer to feed something without its own gain - there may be a lot of gain, but it may not be a hot output in terms of feeding Elektron gear - but it’s mostly to scratch the fuzz itch

absolutely - and up front about all the inspirations he has and the tradition of it in all pedal manufacturers - such that the ‘clone’ fuzz is evidently a clone of a pedal which is in itself a clone ! But yeah - love thursday afternoons on youtube these days


I almost hit the button on that one too. I’m pretty sure I’ll grab one soon. It’s definitely number two on my list and a no brainer for the price.

My fuzz is supposed to arrive on Sunday. I’m glad it won’t be too long of a wait!


Interview with Luigi Scarano formerly of Fingersonic about starting of a synth engineering/development division for Behringer in Italy. That tells of Behringer’s commitment to expansion and innovation.

This is also a recruitment call for anyone interested in working in this Behringer development division in Italy.