The Behringer synth fx thread


I expect that sales worldwide would stop until we see reductions like in the USA , it’s human nature to want what ‘they’ have and save money

And then I might wait a little longer for it to hit the 2nd hand market and pickup the module.


I must admit I’ve only played around with the Deepmind for five minutes, so I can’t really speak to the effects. TC Electronic’s got some decent stuff though, if not always the most adventurous, so a box with their effects and decent modulation could be useful, especially at affordable prices.
The market for that is kind of on its ass (There’s the Heat, but aside from that… not much comes to mind!) An Adrenalinn-esque device could really clean up with the Elektron/drummachine/groovebox crowd!

And the answer is ...

A clone on The Cat by Octave
For more detail see here.


909 Day


Apparently the new TC Electronic pedals are manufactured by Behringer, they’re cheap and a lot of them use BBD chips. I’ve got one of these choruses on the way, but the Echobrain delay also looks good if you need a simple analog delay.


Whatever happened to that TC Electronics Juno chorus pedal?


It’s been like a year and it still isn’t out. Who knows if it’ll ever make it to production.



I got a chuckle out of the name, “Bro One”. It’s just a little bit too on the nose.


More synths on the way

Expect a lead time of about 18 months to two years before you’d see anything reach the market from this group of hires.


Cory Banks (of BBoy Tech Report) got his hands on an early version of the MS-101.


Why does Behringer give this synth to such a stupid reviewer! Looks like he doesn’t know that much about synths! Must be the worst review I have ever seen, with mostly irritating sound! Give us some acidbleeps, heavy square subosc basslines, oldskool Boc style with Alesis midiverb!

Move that fucking envelope and filter so we can hear that it doesn’t sound normal! I have Roland mc202 and sh01a and this distorted env is not normal at all!


What did you expect mate
It’s a behringer



So after the Karp, now it’s a Barp Odyssey :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What if those 2 are in stores, I wonder what the seller will say.:thinking: