The Behringer Gear-in-progress Thread

Yup, I’d hope that with their latest releases supporting Midi CC that something like the new BCR would be on the horizon. Maybe wishful thinking tho!

Was trying to think why I don’t like the look of this BX and it comes down to the buttons for me. I wouldn’t expect them to do all membrane like the original dx7 but these buttons look like they were taken from the Casio cz series. Another great sounding digital synth but definitely cheapo buttons.

The colors don’t make much sense to me either and it looks like it’d be difficult to program on. I hope they figure out a way to make it fun to use. I see this positioned more as a volca fm competitor than opsix or digitone competition.

There’s no way they are using the ym21280. Having it read dx7 sysex like the volca and op6 would be a nice touch.

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Update :

Behringer put this on their Facebook page :

We’d like to give you some exciting update about our VCS3.

In our previous update we shared our mechanical challenges with the pin matrix, which have now been resolved. We’re very pleased to report that it has passed a stringent 100,000 lifecycle test.
We’re now shipping units to our beta testers for final testing and comparison with the original synthesizer. Once passed, we will start manufacturing.

We know this synth has taken much longer than we thought, but we’re sure the wait is worth it.


The life cycle test is crucial to get to actual production and shipping. You don’t sell products ( at least if you are a sane engineer ) unless you have a lifetime testing done on all the sub-components, so you know the product will last. Otherwise you hang yourself with warranty service.

When this actually ships, well who knows. But i am also assured that they are still committed to this, as it was not inexpensive to create the pin matrix.

ADDED : Also if you are a sane engineer, and product manager, you are looking for other projects to use this custom part in.


I’ll be happy to be proven wrong!

I am skeptical too, but i’ve thought about the challenge of building the VCS3 in two parts and either having them plug together, or having them hinged. There would be a lot of obstacles to these designs, though not insurmountable ones.

A flat design might be possible, if you had a stand or rack to present the whole thing vertically at an angle. That’s big too.

Shipping in the current design, means a big ( half empty ) box, and it is a little more daunting for a user to move around. But then consider the KORG MS-20.

I’d have put this post in the Behringer VCS3 thread, but unfortunately that thread was closed on us.

ADDED : No price has been set on this one yet, but given the three vernier controls, the pin-matrix, the joystick, and the electromechanical meter, plus the enclosure, plus the wood if they intend to keep it, and i’d expect this to be a little more expensive than the Behringer price we are used to.


Well its finally arrived. The OB-Xa clone that is.


Hoping the usual outlets start taking pre orders on Monday

Wow, this is going to be huge! :star_struck::star_struck:
I hope they kept developing the desktop version

Where the video exactly says OB-Xa?

It could be something completely left field…like an ARP Quadra…now that would be interesting! Also, is it me or does the quoted development cost seem high for a clone/remake? I wonder if they’re adding the CoolAudio silicon dev costs to that figure? That said it is their first Oberheim copy. Maybe it’s a successor to the DeepMind? That’s been on the market a good few years now

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It is the UB-Xa, there’s a news article on their website. I can’t see anywhere taking pre orders yet though. List price is $1499 but they also say stay tuned for a little surprise?

Here’s the product page Behringer | Product | UB-Xa

Headlines are

16 voice

Multi/Bi Timbral

Dual Filters

Poly AT Keybed

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I’m not saying this out of a place of hate for the company, but I would have a hard time paying $1500 for a Behringer product until there are a lot of user reviews, as tempting as this is.

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Be 999 within weeks…

Headline in bold and in caps.

Poly AT keyboard !! Probably their own, though maybe not. This also means more GIP using those same keybeds. CS-80, Jupiter, whatever else ?

That’s big news to players, and something for others to grumble over.

As to price, there will be a group of Behringers coming at this middle sort of price. Definitely buyers will have more to consider, And it is given they are lower volume products. We’ll see how Behringer does in this new territory.

The P-AT keyboard does help explain the $3.5 million. So that cost will be spread across a series of other products.

I wonder what the surprise will be ?


Those changes from Wide to Aged FX are they digital?

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I don’t know, but the aged sounds very poor IMO. Too extreme and unrealistic.

On the basis of their other stuff I’ve got I wouldn’t.

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The Pro 800 came in a lot cheaper than people expected. So under £1000 is very feasible.

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