The amount of clicking in Elektron synths is too damn high

Am I beating a dead horse? Yes. Am I complaining about just the Digitone this time? No.

I’ve been sick all week, so what better time to dive into the Syntakt. I am seriously loving this thing. I think it may be, overall, the most immediate box Elektron has done yet, and while the sound design leaves a bit more to be desired, there is so much you can get from it. I’ve already written an entire song with it that I feel is ripe to be my first real solo release in almost 20 years.

However, after Digitone’s Click-Gate (trademark pending), you’d think Elektron would have learned their lesson and worked extra hard to make sure that their new box doesn’t suffer the same sickness. Even with all of the fancy tips floating around these forums, the Syntakt is still sick with this awful malady. Be it the analog or digital, the percussion or the synthesizers, clicks are bubbling up from the depths of these engines in droves.

So I beseech thee, oh Elektron Plague Doctors, please find the cure for the clicks so that we may again have smooth synthesizer sounds seeping from our soundholes.


A man who only wants purposeful clicks

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This is news to me. I’ve 3 Elektron boxes and the only clicks are from the trigs?

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Same here.
Never had any problem with digitone clicking. Havent laid hands on a syntakt so cant possibly comment on that particular synth.

Uh same here, no clicks unless intended, but not used ST.


Yeah… no issues either… :confused:

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Clicks have been discuss in another Syntakt thread. Check the individual Machine Decay vs Amp Decay and look at the Amp page 2.


Doesn’t “takt” mean “click” in Swedish?


This is like complaining your guitar strings buzz. Yes, they can do. But there’s a way to play it such that they don’t and it’s not really on the instrument to prevent it from happening.


I’m super anal about sound and I don’t consider this a huge issue. On Model:Cycles when I don’t want clicks I put a little attack on with the LFO … and I suspect the solution on the ST is little more than identical.

The filter could possibly come to the rescue here, as well.

Or just don’t make huge jumps.

Not sure what they could do about it that wouldn’t have unwanted side effects.

Nah, Syntakt has envelopes for both filter and amp. Way quicker and easier, and with fuller control to make things more or less percussive/clicky.

But also, what’s “little more than identical”? Not sure I’ve heard this phrase.


Maybe @avantronica can chime in and point out in which thread he’s been discussing this clicking question.

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I encounter plenty of clicks and such but most are easily squashed. The ones that aren’t as easy are still squashable but take a few more minutes.

edit! Speaking of Syntakt here. No trouble with Digitone (keys).

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That’s what I meant, it’s basically an identical situation but you have the envelopes.

I combined words to birth a new phrase :wink:

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I want moar clicking!


I don’t get it…may be it’s clicking someday :tongue:

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Sounds like you’re really clicking with this device.


I’ve worked through those. Didn’t work, unfortunately.

I’ll try and upload some audio examples tomorrow.

It aint what you do its the way that you click it.

Alright. Here we go. Here are the pads and bass from a song I’m working on, as well as the sound presets. If someone smarter than I can drop some knowledge, I’d love it. I want to be shown the light! The way! The cure! I want the healing touch!

The pads are the Highlands preset. Messing with the decays, trig lengths, BRR, SRR - nothing helps that doesn’t totally alter the sound to something that isn’t the same. The bass is the Psybass preset. I’ve tried messing with the decays, resonance, etc., - nothing works.

HIGHLANDS.stsnd (573 Bytes)

PSYBASS.stsnd (547 Bytes)

@AdamJay I do really love the box a whole whole lot. I know it’s early yet, and I do recall the DN having some click stuff fixed in an update, so I’m hopeful. Either way, I’m still quite taken with it.

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