The amount of clicking in Elektron synths is too damn high

Those clicks are infinitesimal man … if anything, to me, they add character. My honest opinion.

EDIT: And, like, I’m hoping that this isn’t taken as “you’re dumb and crazy” but more to maybe get you excited about subtle clicks.

Have you experimented with setting the Amp Envelope Reset to off? AENR. That removed the worst of my clicks and while they are kind of there, it’s now much much better.

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Lol I try to get my dn to click, I sample it on my pt and make percussive shit

I come across a lot of patches on digitone that click on the start. when that happens it tends to be a simple syn2 (page 2) > set PHRT to all. problem solved. 99% of the time that is the cause of an unwanted attack click.

(but i get this is generally aimed at Syntakt so… carry on.)

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There is an interesting explanation for ‘user inadvertently caused’ clicking by @avantronica

Hopefully that helps here as well.


In some cases they def add character, but it’s not always welcome.


Nice vinyl emulation mode! Boards of Canada fans been trying to get those characterful clicks for years :tongue:


It means Rhythm in German

A click is the fundamental unit of rhythm, out of which all the others can be built, like a sine wave for tone.

Movie still holds up.

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I totally thought this was complaining about too much menu diving :sweat_smile:

I’ve had some clicks with my Rytm mkI, tbh it only annoyed me when listening to each track in isolation in a full mix you don’t really notice.


I originally thought it was about the noise the buttons make. People have said their partners have complained about it.


Hahaha I often think about that with my wife when she is studying :rofl:

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The thing about clicks is that there is always a tradeoff. Do you want the fastest possible envelope attack times? They lead to clicks. Do you want the P-locks to react as fast and accurately as possible? That can lead to clicks. Basically whenever a track changes very fast you can get a click. Would you rather every sound have a slight attack to the envelope to avoid click? Well you can do that with the amp envelope. The more instant the changes are the more likely you are to get clicks. If the changes were less instant p locks wouldn’t work as well, envelopes would be less snappy, lots of tradeoffs.


Model Cycles has clicks on the front of Kick and Tone. Impossible to make a kick without an annoying click.
Rytm DVCO has a click on the front of the sound
Octatrack, if playing a pad sample and interrupting a note with a new note it usually clicks, as if they aren’t doing any kind of crossfading of the sample in the software.


My Digitakt clicks to let me know I touched it in the right way

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For the ST I would try the band pass which use no envelopes IIRC and filter a tiny bit the high frequency.
That should slow down the 0 to whatever number which create the click on the track.

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Dvco has some settings where the oscillators restart their phase on triggers, so retriggering with envelopes decaying can lead to a click. Can also lead to a click without restarting phase on trig because the attack might start at non zero crossings. Just pay attention to what you are doing and the clicks aren’t an issue.

The only person who has the right to claim there are unwanted clicks occuring in the Syntakt is Cenk. :slight_smile: