That Syntakt Sound

Definitely liking the Syntakt, more and more as I explore it.

However I feel it has distinct woody character and brown timbre that is recognisable from other machines.

Darker, moogish, analog, dare I say a little muffled and vintage. It sounds similar to what I liked alot about the MFB Tanzbar … and of course a tonal sibling of the RYTM.
This character is not unwelcome, and its versatility opens up as you explore it, but seems a deliberate design choice by elektron not to create a sharp, fizzy, Digitakt-hollowed-mid clarity edgy drum machine with sizzling crispness.

Some of this will come from the use of melodic parts on the Syntakt that are in the lower spectrum, the analog effects and how I’ve been using it so far, rendering drum, bass, percussion and analog melody into a darker zone.

Anyone feel similarly? I’d love to hear a Syntakt track that with eyes closed could be a sterile digital swinging machinedrum … but have yet to reach that myself.


If you don’t use the AFX bus you can get there, IMO. The digital machines can sound clean, I found. The kicks can go very defined in the medium. BITS or TONE have that definition you would need to keep it crispy.

I still have to find a way towards some SOPHIE sound design, still have a lot of dedicated study to do before I get there I guess. And I’m bad at focusing ^^


yeah, i’ve actually been deliberately analogy and dark, so unsurprisingly convinced myself it’s the Syntakt, not me.

Will try some crisper stuff. Quite a few youtubes get that hifi/lofi tinner sound i want to try for.

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I’m really happy with how my Syntakt sounds.

It’s dirtier than a weekend on the wifi with Neil Parish.

But it doesn’t get all muddy and vague, it still has a sort of crispness about it.


Dirty and Crispy… Sounds like KFC! :joy:


I’m a filter, delay, reverb, distortion junkie, need to reign it in a bit to find the crispy!

definitely finding that there is lots of scope to make your own sounds, even though the synths look simple, there is a lot there, particularly with the filters too. haven’t even gone near LFOs


I really like the way the FX block is setup.

You can really get the best of both worlds with careful filtering/EQ and carefully deciding on what gets crushed and what doesn’t.

I’ve started experimenting with overdriving the tracks that occupy the low end (kicks, bass) with just the track overdrive, using the master drive from the FX block on the high end tracks, with individual drive on the tracks too, but leaving stuff in the mids quite clean (mostly perc, but I like a really low tuned clap too) and then placing the digital tracks in the mid areas so they don’t get too fogged up by the drive.

I’ve still got to find the right mix, it’s tricky getting everything to gel together, but I can use the AH for that maybe, although it feels a bit like cheating.


Main lesson I’ve learned so far too. Syntakt demands careful mix planning. 12 tracks and effects can get out of hand very quickly and crowd out certain frequencies.


Yeah, it’s about finding room for those cleaner sounds to shine through.


In the various demos and tracks I’ve listened to so far, I do hear some real analog character coming from this box. Not all the time, as it looks to be something that can be dialed in or not via the analog fx, or via use of the analog tracks.

But it does seem to draw creators to those warmer sweet spots, and I think I’m going to really enjoy that aspect of the ST when it arrives in my studio. Seriously, so many ST tracks I’m hearing have me going, “yeah … YEAH! That’s it!”

I do love the crispness of my DT/DN combo, but I also often drag out my Circuit Mono to get some filth in the mix. Looking forward to finding out how warm/filthy I can get with the ST as part of a mini-trinity.


The plockable FX track is great feature. Whilst some may say Syntakt is a ‘greatest hits’ box, elektron is also being innovative in how those greatest hits can be effected


I find most of the Syntakt examples and tracks I listened to sound great. Some tracks sound warm and polished, others totally scrambled and destructive, but they all sound clear, distinct and “professional”, as if they were mixed in a studio already.

The different sound palets suprise me a bit, as you don’t have as much tweakable parameters as seen on other synths as the DN for example, but it seems like the amount / combination of digital+analog machines and the analog fx guarantee PLENTY of sound variations possible.


This. The variety of machines for sound generation already make this a versatile box and I’m hearing that in all the different tracks produced so far.

I like the way it seems to easily handle various types of retro (analog, fm, 8bit, etc), yet seems ideal for more modern and exploratory sounds too.


Not really … just exploring the machines without the AFX to learn about their pure timbre capabilities and IMO I have heard anything from digital and harsh dirt to analog warmth. Syntakt provides a great and versatile sound palette.

Seems to be the machine and how to set the parameters. FM always can sound “digital” or reduction of bits and samples (TONE/BITS) …



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Holy hell! I now have a Syntakt in my possession and this box sounds FANTASTIC through my studio monitors and a sub. It’s capable of serious beefy girth but does not sacrifice crystalline highs to do so.

Hearing recordings is one thing, but cranking it live in my studio REALLY shows how the character shines here. I really believe having a bit of analog finishing in the master fx just gives everything a bit of that rich chef’s kiss (when you want it).

I’ve already started in on some sound design and sequencing, but I’m inspired by everyone’s posted songs and jams to date, and digging how the factory patterns show off everything from Chiptunes to SOPHIE-like digital mayhem to etherial ambient to beefy groovy dance tunes to crispy techno and even some jazz … lol.

As an owner of both DT and DN, no learning curve as such, just certain nuances and differences here and there. I jumped right in and started making stuff right away, and started finding sweet spots with ease.

But back to That Syntakt Sound … I think I’m in love. <3


I don’t hear it. And everything coming from it, no matter the styles, all sound very “samey”.
almost get the sense it’s stifling some peoples output

BUT, before anyone who chooses to take my head off, I have not heard it in person [I probably won’t be able to], it’s too soon to make a definitive call.

Just my initial impression to date. Looking forward to the next few months of what people do with it :+1:t6:

it sounds “mushy”, if that’s a description, to me


I paired mine with my EC4 yesterday and it was very nice:)


This. “There’s only so many times you can polish shit” is a saying where i come from. (No its not shit just the idea its very overdone).

don’t agree, have you seen that ambient jam from EZBOT? sounds totally different compared to dataline’s work. And on the flipside, one could also say that from rytm, that the stuff coming out the analog machines sounds samey.