Tempo in the file name

If you look in the manual it has a disclaimer saying that the tempo auto detect only works within a certain range of tempos ( can’t remember exact details now) and that samples with tempos outside that range may be picked up incorrectly.
So, what tempo are the samples you are having trouble with, and are they inside the range specified in the manual?

I think long loops will probably throw it off too, but I’m not really sure on that.

85 - 170 bpm

Thanks for your thoughts everyone…

My tracks are always within those tempos. More like 100 - 150bpm in fact. The point is, the machine shouldnt be ‘thrown off’ here or confused by a longer sample. The tempo is a number at the end of the file name. Eg. Joey Beltram - energy flash 124.wav
So the OT should just know immediately that that track is 124. It doesn’t have to analyse anything except the file name!

Sorry I’m away from OT right now so i doubt knower the os offhand but it’s pretty recent and this has been the case for every version I’ve had.

If all the OT looked for was a number in the file name then it would be chaos. Sample named kickdrum01.wav would be automatically set to 01 BPM. That may be an impossible example, but hopefully you get my point.
The OT is actually trying to analyze the samples bar length as multiples of its sequencer (2 4 8 16 32 64 etc)
The OT manual always talks about loops, not full tracks.
Are your long samples perfect bar lengths to one of the multiples of the sequencer?
I don’t really know if this would help the auto detect or not, but may be worth a shot.

ok, this is what the manual says:

"The tempo guessing algorithm analyzes the sample filename for tempo figures, checking if the initial guess is off by a factor 0.5 or 2.0. The ”normal” BPM range the Octatrack uses to make its initial BPM guess is 85 BPM-170 BPM. If you have loops with tempos outside this range, it might be a good idea to put the BPM value in the filename. Typically, a 70 BPM loop is initially loaded as 140 BPM loop, but if the number 70 is found anywhere in the filename, the octatrack will use 70 BPM instead. Similarly, if 280 is found in the filename, the BPM of the sample will be 280. "

so it should read my sample that is 126bpm as 126 when that number is in the file name. Obviously numbers as low as 01, 10, 30, etc should be ignored, I’m sure they would have thought about that.
As it happens, my long samples (entire songs) have been prepared in Ableton to be a duration of exact multiples of 4, as this makes it easy to slice them correctly in the OT if needed.

I’ve been running OS 1.25D as it happens, and I see that I’ve missed a few updates by now, but no mention in the OS update log of any fix of this between 1.25D and the current OS 1.25H

Seems I need to get onto Elektron directly to sort this out, but it’s always worth running it by the community here first right?
I just thought anyone who has tried to DJ with the OT would be feeling the same problem.
By the way, the OT is AMAZING as a DJ solution, and particularly brilliant when used with a pair of turntables, as a third deck that can simultaneously be used to take on-the-fly samples from your records. If you haven’t tried this out you’re missing some fun!

Thanks for the input anyway. Lets hope 1.25I may be the one! Will report back :wink:

Guy at Elektron HQ says it seems there is an issue. It’s been passed onto the developer team. Now we wait…

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Should be a fairly easy fix… he says :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha I hope so!

Seriously will be brilliant if that’s fixed.

Any news on this? Does it work now?

I was thinking about this recently as it’s still a pain. I’m running latest OS 1.25H and the issue is still present in that one. I think that’s still the same OS I was running when I contacted them tho. I’ll give em another shout and make sure they haven’t forgotten about it!!! …

Thanks for the reminder, passing it on now :wink:

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update… a while back I contacted them again and turns out it’s just not a priority. =| they’re busy with other projects and no idea when if ever they will fix that. Not as easy as I thought apparently.
Oh well.

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I’m on 1.25E and had no problems with the BPM at the end of the filename. Especially not when I make DJ-friendly Tracks with Slice-Cues and put the tempo as Attribute in the Octachainer.

Yesterday I cropped some nicely cut samples for the OT at 76bpm, put that at the end of the filename and OT has recognised them all nicely without further input from me.

Not sure what’s causing the problem in some cases.

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Can I ask you, are any of your ‘DJ friendly tracks’ longer than 4 minutes?
My OT certainly does recognise shorter loops, but never longer, full length tracks.

And sorry but what’s an ‘Octachainer’ ???

Don’t sure it will be helpful in your scenario thought … :drunk:

as william said…it’s a tool to make Samplechains or Slice-Chains.
I use it to make CUEs for my Dj-Tracks which are all 6-7 minutes long.

They stay right on grid assuming that they are cropped correctly before import. 1.
make sure that they play along with the click in your daw of choice.
2. Cut them up in parts (thinking of intro, build Up, drop, break, 2.Drop. etc…how you like it)
Export those parts as individual files.
3. Load up Octachainer (Octaedit shoud work too, but have not tried this yet for this purpose) and fill it with the “track-part-fragments” from before. Set the tempo in Octachainer to the track-tempo and export (here i put the bpm also to the end of the filename).
4. Load the sample+ “.ot” file into your audiopool. Now you have traktor-like loopable Cues/Slices and can DJ on grid.

Not sure about auto-tempo-mapping of OT for long loops. But in my other 76bpm-case i just imported cropped samples directly into OT with 76 at the end of the filename, and OT recognised 76bpm and put that automatically into the attributes.



just want to see what is going on here

as you can see from screenshot all samples have the bpm in the title. however the bpm is not locked to the correct value and you can see on the right side, the first one is correct but the others are all over the place?

How can I fix please?

many thanksimage

Was just doing research wondering the same thing and came across this old thread… bumped! Does anyone know whether the Octatrack reads metadata on tempo info that some DAWs can encode into WAVs? Also wondering if having the BPM in the file name aids the OT in determining tempo?

If Elektron signalled a standard for us to use like “filename 120bpm.wav” where the bpm value is always followed by “bpm” and had the machine seek that string of characters out for BPM data that would seem like an easy fix.

More than one time i had loops from an official pack labelled as 80 bpm to realize they were not.
At first i cursed the OT before making a quick calculation in terms of length and the OT was right…

Not sure the guess would be right if the loop was in 7/8 though :wink: