Tempo in the file name

Don’t sure it will be helpful in your scenario thought … :drunk:

as william said…it’s a tool to make Samplechains or Slice-Chains.
I use it to make CUEs for my Dj-Tracks which are all 6-7 minutes long.

They stay right on grid assuming that they are cropped correctly before import. 1.
make sure that they play along with the click in your daw of choice.
2. Cut them up in parts (thinking of intro, build Up, drop, break, 2.Drop. etc…how you like it)
Export those parts as individual files.
3. Load up Octachainer (Octaedit shoud work too, but have not tried this yet for this purpose) and fill it with the “track-part-fragments” from before. Set the tempo in Octachainer to the track-tempo and export (here i put the bpm also to the end of the filename).
4. Load the sample+ “.ot” file into your audiopool. Now you have traktor-like loopable Cues/Slices and can DJ on grid.

Not sure about auto-tempo-mapping of OT for long loops. But in my other 76bpm-case i just imported cropped samples directly into OT with 76 at the end of the filename, and OT recognised 76bpm and put that automatically into the attributes.



just want to see what is going on here

as you can see from screenshot all samples have the bpm in the title. however the bpm is not locked to the correct value and you can see on the right side, the first one is correct but the others are all over the place?

How can I fix please?

many thanksimage

Was just doing research wondering the same thing and came across this old thread… bumped! Does anyone know whether the Octatrack reads metadata on tempo info that some DAWs can encode into WAVs? Also wondering if having the BPM in the file name aids the OT in determining tempo?

If Elektron signalled a standard for us to use like “filename 120bpm.wav” where the bpm value is always followed by “bpm” and had the machine seek that string of characters out for BPM data that would seem like an easy fix.

More than one time i had loops from an official pack labelled as 80 bpm to realize they were not.
At first i cursed the OT before making a quick calculation in terms of length and the OT was right…

Not sure the guess would be right if the loop was in 7/8 though :wink: