Teenage Engineering OP-Z


Honestly all it needs is a nice reverb and then we are cooking. Not sure why that was not made more of a priority by the dev team. But the OP 1 reverb is also terrible as well and was never given much love.


Looks like there is a new update , 1.1.27


Looks like I was spitting venom a bit too early. The ability to import samples on synth tracks without metadata is really neat.


@Kuro i don’t understand what is metadata referring to? does that mean that you can just put a WAV file into a synth track slot now? Sorry if it’s a stupid question


Lost me with no sampling :frowning: Looks like such a great unit, why couldn’t they add the same looper / sampler from the op1??


I haven’t installed the new firmware yet, but their documentations says this:“handle importing WAV and AIF files without meta data to synth tracks”

I think this means you can just drop the files into the synth folders and the op-z will take care of the rest.


nice, yeah that’s what I was thinking maybe you don’t need to go through the drum utility app anymore to make a compatible sample


New OS link https://www.teenageengineering.com/downloads/op-z

Change log :

  • now supporting two midi devices when using a powered USB hub
  • improved compatibility with a number of usb devices
  • improved usb midi throughput (reduce risk of lost notes)
  • handle importing WAV and AIF files without meta data to synth tracks
  • fix crash when connecting to app with certain patterns active
  • fix synth sampler noise bug with certain samples
  • more descriptive error messages in sample import
  • add general.json setting to latch notes using shift. Release notes while holding shift to latch (latch_notes_with_shift)
  • add general.json setting to disable auto-added FX A when applying temporary parameter tweaks (temp_param_add_fx_a)


@Kuro there is an expression in spanish which says: “antes lo digo, antes sucede”, I don’t know if there is an equivalent in english but means something like “sooner I say something, sooner it happens”; google says: “no sooner said than done” (is it correct?) hehe :blush: mainly bug fixes this time but it’s ok.


Actually the lack of need of extra steps to prep samples is pretty huge, if not in wow factor certainly in user experience, saves lots of time for me, time that could be better used making musics :rofl:


@darenager so does this mean you can just drop wav files into the folders now?


Just for synth samples, yes. For drum you still need to use the OP-1 drum utility.

Wav works fine for synth now too, make sure they are mono and be sure to stay within the 6 second limit.


@darenager awesome thanks for the info! I’m just curious too if you wouldn’t mind answering me as I have never loaded a sample into a synth track, what do the usual synth parameter 1 and 2 on the white LED page do to synth samples?


P1 seems to do some kind of wavefold or digital crush effect, P2 is currently not doing anything.


Folks I’d hang off from updating the firmware for now, seems pretty buggy, projects tracks getting transposed, projects being wiped, and quite a few hangs and crashes.


@darenager what are you experiencing mostly for crashes and hangs? While you’re playing or while you’re turning it on or?


Both, and when attempting to get into disk mode or attempting to connect to app, some of the time it is working but sometimes it goes dead, just the first white LED lights up and it goes totally comatose.


@darenager Oh bummer. I just got mine almost 2 weeks ago and just updated at the beginning of this week to the last current OS. After that I started getting some freezes when turning it on. It gets suck on what sounds like a ground hum, multiplied. I have to turn it off and turn it back on again, then it works. Random as to when it does it but I normally only have this issue turning it on. You know that quick little (what sounds like a) ground hum that happens right when you turn it on? It’s as if that is multiply or feedbacking into itself . I wonder if new os would remedy that or if theres something wrong with my output. It seems to only happen with headphones plugged in.


Also some of my projects are messed up, it seems that user samples are getting transposed an octave down. I tried a factory reset and reloading the projects, but it still persists.


Hey @darenager I just thought I’d give you an update, maybe you will find it useful. After updating to 1.1.27 I used my opz for about two hours, no issues, no crash, no freeze. I turned it off and back on through out that two hours, about three times. Seems to be working ok for me so far.