Teenage Engineering OP-Z


I think the issues are related to user samples - do you have any loaded?


I do have user samples loaded yes. Not on synth tracks but I have some drum packs I bought from @pselodux. I didn’t use them enough before upgrading to know if they are dropped down an octave.


Ok, thanks, one other user so far has had a similar issue so I am inclined to think it is definitely a bug, I’ll try to work out what causes it and send in a bug report.


Haha, it’s like TE wants me to feel bad for what I said.


I am unable to connect to the app if I have a project active which uses a new sample that I imported, the sample was a 16bit mono 44.1khz wav file, once it is loaded into a synth slot it gets converted to aif as expected, when trying to connect to the app my OP-Z goes into firmware update mode and obviously won’t connect to the app. If I restart and change to a different project not using the sample it connects to the app just fine.

Can anyone else confirm this behaviour?

I should mention the sample was about 190k so well within the limit, I also tried a factory reset, I also tried re-flashing the firmware, and I also reverted back to the previous firmware which allows connection to the app with the same problematic sample, the octave is 1 higher, but it works.

I find it hard to believe that no beta tester picked up on this.


drumlator.aif (398.1 KB)
505.aif (677.9 KB)
(619.5 KB)
afrop.aif (608.9 KB)

Here’s some drum files I put together for the OP-Z if anyone wants to try them

Still haven’t managed to get the synth samples working yet if anyone who’s had success would write a quick simpletons guide that would be great :slight_smile:


For synth samples just make sure they are C, max 6 seconds, mono, 44.1khz, 16bit, wav.

Then just drop them into empty synth slots.


Ahh!! I was doing 24bit! Thanks for that, have a great big :+1:


I experienced something similar… Seemed as though it would randomly crash into firmware update mode when triggering a sample. Never experienced this prior to this firmware update. However I could not reproduce this consistently. I used the OP-Z for roughly 3 hours on a flight and it happened twice during this time. Once when changing patterns and another time while I was sequencing a track on one pattern. 16 bit mono one shot drum / sfx sounds. Very strange.


Fortunately mine seems to have settled down now, although if I try to connect with app whilst project 7 is active it goes into FW update mode. I thought it might have been related to the 2 synth samples I added but it doesn’t seem to be the case. All I will say to everyone running this firmware is take regular back ups, just to be on the safe side.


Got the Synths samples working perfectly now, happy days.

Only thing is I’ve hundreds to choose from to add so am having a mental melt down with the hype of it working so well and don’t know what to try next:smile:


Yeah its a bit hard to choose! I tend to load samples in the synth slots that can’t easily be approximated by the engines - but that is still a lot :slight_smile:


You guys are great. I’ll go have a jam now.

I’m inspired to try that new roli studio beta software I just got and get some seaboard samples in the op-z.

P.s. performed live at my open mic last night on the new ‘Z firmware without issue.


What octave range/pitch do you find most effective for the synth samples?


I tend to use C3 or C4 depending on the sound mostly.


I deleted the problematic project 7 and I’m not getting any problems connecting to the app now, leading me to believe that some setting in that project was causing the issue, now I can load any project and connect to the app without the problem, even project 7.


I currently hate the OP_Z, just spent 8hrs on a song then accidentally erased it, fucking raging!!!


:open_mouth: That sucks, I try to back mine up as soon as I have something I like, been burnt too many times, but invariably still sometimes lose stuff.


it has 10 project slots, just keep a backup on one or two slots, thats like I do it… Does not help now but maybe in the future :wink:

Also keep in mind that you can snapshot any project any time and revert to that snapshot…


Started from scratch…I was determined to finsih it!!!