Teenage Engineering OP-Z

Op-z came early. But i can’t get it out of the effin box!

lol. my First Z’s box was glued shut. had to tear it apart in the end :frowning:

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Haha! I think that’s about to happen here.

Edit: The foam lid is indeed glued to the box.

noooo :joy::see_no_evil:

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Also noticed the "used’ look/finish on the Op-z. Is that normal?

There is a texture to the grey plastic

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Cool. Thank you.

Felt my OCD rising.

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Just got my Z back yesterday (sold it to a guy a while ago / regretted it / bought it back lol).

man I love this thing :heart:


Set mine up today. Got a nice little dual Op-1/Z stand.


I’d like to Sync the Op-Z directly with the Op-1.

I know i need to use one of these type cables, https://www.amazon.co.uk/UGREEN-Adapter-480Mbps-Compatible-Thunderbolt/dp/B09CQ33H3D

But would the charging capability of the cable cause an issue? I’m not great with different cable types etc, so just wanted some clarification.


Just released the Z-Pack which I hope you guys will enjoy! :slight_smile:


epic :heart:


Thanks a lot!

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Do you know if the tape track sends Midi ? If I want to record the stutter effects, the loop effects etc it makes, can I do it in my DAW with midi or is it only audio ?

Tge performance track sends midi, the tape track is Audio only

You can sequence it with the OP-Z’s own sequencer

Ok thanks ! Two other questions :

  • How many step components can you stack per trig ?
  • Is there some kind of parameter lock memory ? How many plocks can you make ? I ask this because it’s always frustrating on the Digitone when you read “Lock memory full”, and it happens quite often for me on the DG.
  1. You can have have 1 step component of each sort on each step, only for tracks 1-8 though
  2. I never hit a memory issue, afaik any param can be locked on every step. That’s 16x16 so not that much anyways

It doesn’t send midi but it can receive midi, so you can sequence it in your DAW.

I recently got an OP-Z to keep in the stroller for when the baby’s sleeping. I briefly owned one back in 2019 but I’m liking it a lot more this time around. The interface is incredible, it’s so fast and easy to get ideas down. A really fun and inspiring device.