Teenage Engineering OP-1



Yeah it’ll boot normally and I can use it with no other problems
but I can’t update the firmware
I was able to boot into the update screen a few months ago
I used it to factory reset a few times
Doesn’t work now for some reason :man_shrugging:


weird. I had the opposite before (no boot apart from to flash menu) , never heard o that issue.


Yeah when I sent the ticket I got an auto-reply along the lines of “we are very busy with new products… please be patient”

My patience is wearing thin tbh. I have an extended warranty through gear4music.ie but I need to have the fault verified. Whatsmore gear4music.ie no longer seem to sell the OP-1 and TE have jacked up the price of a new unit by €500 since I bought mine

There’s no way gear4music.ie are going to replace it and I’m definitely going to have a difficult time getting €900 off them too

TE are really shafting me atm


I’m sure you’ll get sorted eventually bru, ballache for sure tho. I saw you facebooked em there, good idea to keep hassling them. let us know when they get back to you.


Cheers man


I should’ve included an explanation in my previous post.

The same thing happened with me and Samplr, I was sat by a river mouth with some friends and found the sound of the lapping water beautiful so recorded it onto the iPad, then used it in a live set the next day, filtering and pitch changing as I went along. No planning involved.

Not trying to take away from your nice moment, just pointing out that there’re other things out there that lend themselves well to this type of spontaneous creation and that they’re friendly to makers on a tight budget.


I would probably have got distracted by a notification when I woke up the iPad, and then ended up checking this forum. :wink:


No WiFi when you’re out and about! :slight_smile:

But I get your point - I don’t install social media apps on my iPad and only receive notifications for personal messages on my phone, wouldn’t get much of anything done otherwise.


I have the exact same issue and contacted TE about a week ago. No reply from TE apart from the automated email. The shop I bought it from has told me I should send it back to them so fingers crossed it all gets sorted quickly, but it’s a pain in the arse.


Good to know. Is your OP-1 one of the new batch or older?


it’s the older batch, bought last May.


I know, I mean it’s like everybody is on Elektronauts, having lately few issues that I did not encounter in all those years of use! My tapegrid is like shifted half a bar and all loops are out of sync! And when I used tombola the inputed notes stayed in the air??? I feel like I can’t have answers to all my questions with Op1, certainly not on the op forums!


I recently sent my OP-1 off to TE to be repaired (via the retailer I got it from). Just wondered if anyone had experience of how long it typically takes them to send it back?


You should have the opposite of your username.

(just a joke, I don’t know :P)


Mine took about a month annd a half from my initial e-mail to TE.


That is a loooong time…


Yea I’m with you 100%. There are a ton of synths out there, a ton of samplers, portable gear, ect, ect, ect. But for me the process is a HUGE factor. I love the process of the Op-1. It has it’s own way of working… of doing things… people gel with it or they don’t. I happen to gel with it. I come up with crazy stuff on it all the time I normally wouldn’t come up with.

1 of the big reasons, is I enjoy using it, when I enjoy it, I’m inspired. It makes me want to experiment & try new things. To play & have fun brings interesting results that you feel.

& personally I like what it does to the sound when sampling. I suck ass at beat boxing… I just go “pppfff…ssss…kkk…aaa…mmmm” in the mic & I have a drum kit.


They are really sold out again, can you believe it :smile: now the price will never drop again.


Has anyone here experience with recording guitar into the op-1? I’m going to plug the output of my line 6 pod directly into the line in on the op-1? Should be fine right?


Besides line level devices I also plug an acoustic with a 9v internal pickup directly in. So if you start with your pod volume low and bring it up should be fine.
Check the pod specs in the manual as to its output level.