Teenage Engineering OP-1


I wish quantizing on the tape were possible when you play a melody or drum beat manually. I get the advantages and love that you have to actually play well (or not play well for happy accidents) but the op-z spoiled me having the option for quantizing and not quantizing. Sometimes it feels too much like work recording a song.



I think you refer to the user interface of the tape, workflow,… not existing in another product?
You are wrong, check this out!!! Sure it’s DIY but more and more people going to jump on this I think/hope, with custom casebuilders, pcb builders etc.


wow that looks like a very cool project - here’s other info I found via your link!


What a pretty render! Has anyone actually built one of these yet? Still not actually seen one finished and working.


Main thing with all the clones of the Op-1 seem to be the pretty screen with quirky animations. I hope someone clones one with either no screen or a very simple one and make it affordable. It seems the screen is the most expensive part.


i was actually wondering if it actually had tape in it or it was just an emulation


Is it actually HiFi? everything I’ve heard from the sampler (my friend has one) sounds pretty bit-reduced. and the synth engine always sounds very chip tunes to me unless I’m missing something?


Yeah the sampler is gritty, synth engine is pretty hifi but there’s plenty of aliasing and noise from the outputs. I never wished for higher sound quality when I had one, the interface more than makes up for it.


Yeah it’s not the machine to get if you want 24/96 stereo sampling. I ended up selling mine but it left an OP-1 shaped hole in my sound palette, that the OP-Z has only half-filled, both figuratively and literally :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess so? But my understanding of what chipmusic sounds like is more broad than most other people. The FM stuff I make in nanoloop 2 doesn’t sound anything like typical gameboy/NES sounds, and OP-1 is capable of similar FM, so… I guess that statement is true?

The engines are pretty diverse imo. They can get that lo-fi SRR/bitcrushed sound if you want—in fact, I miss the dr. wave engine the most for the super lush automation of those kinds of sounds—but I definitely remember making silky, warm ambient sounds with it. As with anything you just need to know how to push it. “Chip tune” isn’t a negative thing, it just means you may need to do some strange things in order to get the sounds you want out of it. If (possibly weird) workarounds aren’t your style, fair enough, go and get a synth where the sounds you want to make are easier to dial in :slight_smile:


The new finer tape marker resolution is great for precise edits, especially when wanting to place events exactly where you want without using sequencing, and making little micro loops/layers and so on.

Edit: Just read some of my old TE email beta feature requests, I asked for this in 2011, along with a bunch of other stuff, and a hardware interface to connect the OP-1 to other gear - obviously before the Oplab came out, I totally forgot :joy: See the attached screenshots if interested.


Though the overall sound quality is not as high or as good as any Elektron machine I don’t agree that the OP-1 sounds ‘chip tuney’ generally speaking in respect of sampling capabilities because that depends on how and what you’re actually doing with it.

I must admit that ‘chiptune’ isn’t one of my favourite genre’s though some of it IS great but it’s too reductionist and way off the mark to classify the OP-1 to that kind of sonic pallet in general.

It’s an extremely varied and capable machine depending on the user.


I’ve seen somewhere the pcb’s are in prototype fase, so I think a few lucky people are building the synth and testing?
Meanwhile I’ve found another cool Op1/OTTO style synth thing, but no tape or sequencer mentioned?


my guess on the “chip tune” comment is they were referring to the Dr Wave synth. which can sound VERY chip tune. that’s absolutely not the only sound the OP1 does though. you’re not going to get the greatest minimoog emulation out of it or anything, that’s just not it’s thing. but there’s a lot of lush sounds in there.


For me the most valuable aspect of the op-1 is how it leads you to come up with new and unique ideas, which would probably have never occurred with other gear. A recent example:
I sampled some sounds of ocean waves into the op-1. I already had a nice drumbeat, a bass line and pads going on 3 of the 4 tracks on the tape. By routing the G-sensor to the cut-off frequency of the lowpass filter of the sampler engine which had the wave sounds on it, I could ‘play’ the crashing of the waves to the beat by tilting the op-1 around. The main result could have also been achieved with other samplers which have filters, but probably not in such a fast, fun and organic way.


Admittedly I have had limited exposure to the device. I have always heard it referred to as deep and capable, but was always confused by what I head from it - I have no doubt results vary based on the user.

Not to mention the inclusion of a small speaker on the device while enabling flexible, on-the-go use does not encourage full-range sound design (when using the speaker, as my friend is prone to do). I suppose decent monitoring is a must when attempting to get the most out of it


haha well that’s understandable - the speaker on it is worthless - same for the OP-Z and all the volca’s too - I really don’t get these inclusions on portable devices - it’s just a way to annoy not only yourself but everyone else around you while you ‘jam away’ - They freak my cat out too.


So they do have a use after all. I’ll try a Volca on mine and report back… I didn’t actually realise that OP-1s have mini speakers as well.


Why is op1 forum basically dead? Many views but not many replies! So many issues even with the latest update! So many questions not answered? Why?
What are the differences in revs of Op1? What is that latest firmware update all about? Manual update?


iPad 2 + Samplr, around $70 altogether :slight_smile:


Yeah most samplers can do this, I also dont think that a G-sensor is worth that much or usable as much as a Filter cutoff knob. Something like this https://www.sourceaudio.net/hot-hand-usb.html is more usable as it goes on your finger, no need to pick up the Op-1 and move it around.