Teenage Engineering OP-1

I can dial in a Minimoog, but I’m lost with the OP-1’s synth engines. Is there a resource to learn more? I have checked the OP-101 guides, but I’d like something a little less dry.

I love the OP-1, but this part is holding me back.

Hey @Mistercharlie why don’t you come over to op-forums.com?

I do post over there. I’m just worried that the thread will devolve into complaints about the price of the OP-1, and TE’s customer service. :wink:

Edit: posted a thread over there.

I remember a guide with really detailed descriptions of some of the op-1 synth engines, but the name just won’t pop into my mind right now.
However, the most fun to be had with the op-1 synth engines is to just play around with them, turning knobs, assigning LFOs, trying different polyphony and portamento settings. I suggest you go one engine at a time, pay close attention to what each knob does and how it changes the sound without trying to link it to some synth term like filter cutoff or so.
The advantage of figuring all engines out on your own is that you will create plenty of cool presets. Try the engines at different octaves also and maybe start with the fx slot deactivated. I would begin with the less cryptic engines like string or phase, save the D-synth for last, as that one can go totally bonkers pretty fast.
The factory presets also offer a bunch of tricks you can figure out by messing around with them.
I think the op-1 is the definitive happy accident machine. I think it will both be more fun and more fruitful for you if you don’t overthink what’s happening and just explore.




I’ve seen the OP-101 articles. They’re the “dry” ones I mentioned. Maybe now I’m a bit more familiar with the synths, it will be more useful.

Has anyone any tips on setting beat synced delay times, eg dotted 8th notes? I’m struggling to dial it in properly

No tips, I kind of feel like there isn’t really any tricks for the delay… so if there ARE tricks I would love to know them!

I just mess with the dials until I find the delay that sounds good to me.

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Using an LFO on delay time might be fun.

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If you’re good with op-1 sequencer (endless/finger/pattern) timing you could theoretically record a drum sequence to tape then overdub the same sequence but trigger it something like 3 8th notes later to create a pseudo dotted quarter delay.

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great tip!

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