Teenage Engineering OP-1

If you’re good with op-1 sequencer (endless/finger/pattern) timing you could theoretically record a drum sequence to tape then overdub the same sequence but trigger it something like 3 8th notes later to create a pseudo dotted quarter delay.

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great tip!


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So I had the OP1 for more than a week.
Bought it second hand from a user here.
At first I was so underwhelmed and I was ready to sell it back on reverb. Told myself to use it for at least a week before selling it.

When I got my Monomachine a few years ago I remembered that I hated it at first and now it is one of my favorite synth so … let’s wait a bit and try experimenting with the OP1 like I did with the Monomachine.

So after a week using it every day making my own patch, learning the workflow , watching tutorials on YouTube I can say I freaking love the thing !

The output is not very loud so using my Radial mixer (KeyLargo) made a huge difference when using headphones. I like the synth engines thought the DSynth is kinda crappy imo but everything else is cool. The FX are nice too. It sounds very digital and lowfi but lots of character ,remind me the Monomachine a little.

It’s vey inspiring imo and it’s refreshing to use the tape instead of the Elektron sequencer.

About the negatives,

Teenage Engineering warranty is CRAP. I mean it’s only 1 year and you have to be the first owner otherwise you’ve got nothing … For the price they ask I think it’s a non-sens. Can’t say I have a good opinion about this company even if they have good products. The huge price increase, non transferable warranty etc.

The output is low and a little noisy and even if I like the synth engines there are way better synth for the money. So as a synth only … nop but the whole package is great.

Well, I paid 1500 can $ for a mint 2018 unit , I think it’s too expensive but … it’s addictive and very well made.
Unfortunately I haven’t found anything like it.

The input and output jacks are crap!!! I love my op-1 I’ve had mine since 1st year of its release. It’s built like a tank but with a fatal flaw it’s i/o. They are replaceable but good luck finding the replacement part.

If you continually are un plugging the OP-1 you may occur a problem. If you just keep the cables in situ then you will increase longevity. Its the same with laptops.

Yes, but it’s not what its designed for is it? it’s a portable instrument so a lot plugging and unplugging will happen.

TE must have known the in/out board was a weak point otherwise they wouldn’t have made it replaceable… I’m on my second one now, and looking like I need a third…

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You can just leave the cables in the OP-1 so portability is okay as the wires dont weigh much.

But that just makes them more likely to snag and break off.

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fwiw, I had terrible noise with mine when plugged into USB power (which is most of the time, as I leave it set up in the studio). like a whining sound. a cheap 1/8" noise cancelling box solved it. yeah, you should’ve have to do that. but for $10…? :man_shrugging:

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Does anyone have experience of syncing the OP-1 with AK without a computer? I know this has been asked before in different forms but wondered if anything has changed! Got the AK currently and looking to add an OP-1 to my little setup!

You can use a midi USB host, two that I use which work well are the TE Oplab board and the Kenton USB host, the Oplab board is pretty hard to find as they are no longer made, it has a bunch of other functionality and is expensive, so I’d recommend the Kenton.

There are some others like the Hobbytronics one and Retrokits etc, the Hobbytronics one does not work very well with OP-1 according to their website though, not sure about the Retrokits one.


Thanks @darenager - really helpful. I’d seen the Kenton one referred to but I’d rather stupidly assumed it needed a computer because it mentioned USB when clearly that’s the thing it’s designed to address! :man_facepalming:t2:

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The I/O implementation in op-1 is obscene, unforgivable pig crap
The mere act of try to defend that thing seems like the sceenplay of a horror movie
At least I bought this (still pretty enjoyable, anyway) piece of equipment when it came out, because the current price makes me laugh the shit out of my wtf :joy:

I often thought about designing a “dock” which the OP-1 slides into, it would have 1/4” in and out, din midi in and out, and a larger battery, but it would have been far to expensive to be viable. Given the number of OP-1s sold though I’m surprised TE or a third party did not come up with something like this.